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London LLCs

Does anyone have a good LLC in London? Ours is nice but ineffectual - she is pleasant but can't answer any questions, deal with tricky issues and her counselling is awful. She reads out the sheets sent by LL HO verbatim in a sing-song storytime for children voice but doesn't seem to understand what she's reading out (if you ask a question, she pauses and reads it out again!).

I've heard that it's even more crucial to get a good LLC for Management (and I'll have to go through Development too if I get that far) so I think I need to change after the 100 days.

Can anyone help with a recommendation? It would need to be someone who runs classes in the evening.

Thanks for the help and advice.
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Hi Peridot

There is a London-based LLC who has posted on here - Atlanta - she may well be worth contacting, given that she has done the journey herself. She posted a thread about weighing at home (fascinating) so you should be able to find her that way or do a personal message OR go via LL HQ.

Sarah's (Cerulean) LLC sounds pretty good, too so that may be worth looking into.

I shopped around to find the right LLC; my nearest one just was not up to much, I felt, from the initial phone call and introductory meeting.

Good luck.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx
Although I have just started Management, I have just moved house in London and moved counsellor to begin the next part of my LL journey. I have found a great counsellor who does a few classes in various different London locations (Harley St and Knightsbridge I know are 2 of them) and she has done LL herself.

She's great and talks a hell of a lot of sense! Her name is Philippa Davie. Give her a try - maybe see you there!

Chubby (No more!)


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My LLC is fabulous (GaijinGirl switched to her after her local LLC was a bit ineffectual despite the fact that she was 7 miles out of her way!) but will be the first to admit that she's a bit more freeflow than some of the other LLCs!

Would rather not give any more details about
her publicly as I respect her privacy but if you leave me a private message I'll let you know. Not sure whereabouts in London you are Peridot but she is within 10 mins walk of a major zone 2 tube station.

Atlanta is based in Hammersmith so it might be worth having a chat with her.

Reading out instructions in a singsong voice - ugh - how that reminds me of the guy who ran my WeightWatchers group. A friend of mine who is a journalist said of her WW group 'I stopped going to the meetings fairly quickly - when the instructor asked the group if anyone could name a herb, I realised I was too middle class to be there'.
London is a big place!

I work in Whitechapel and someone has put up posters advertising their LL contact details in the Royal London Hospital Outpatients. If this is any use to you, I would gladly pop over and get the telephone number...

I go to an LLC in the London Borough of Havering. My friend at work goes to one in South London somewhere - not exactly sure where but I could ask.

Let me know if any of these are useful and I could pass the details...


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Sandra - I think it's the Hackney based one that GG had the problems with...I assume he'd be the one advertising at the Free.
Cerulean - how do I leave a private message?

The Kensington lady (Philippa?) - do you have details for her non-chubby mini?

Thanks everyone - am prepared to travel in London (within reason)
To Cerulean

Apparently I'm not allowed to send private messages! Will see if I can contact you via your blog (which I love by the way). I know I can email Mrs L from hers (which I also love!).

I went to WW and we were asked if we could name a type of lettuce! I think that may have been the point I decided going to the sessions was both annoying and pointless!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Philippa's official LL answer machine number is 0870 999 2684 which is the one based in Harley St. She wont pick it up till friday probably as thats when she's next there. I don't wanna give her mob or email out as its not really fair of me to do so without asking her first.

But leave a message for her and she'll call you back. She really is great - I emailed her yesterday and she replied within 2 hours!

Good luck!

Chubby no more!
Good luck Peridot - clearly, you will be spoilt for choice.

Soontobeskinny - hope you like living in the big smoke. I miss it!!! And just want to say, I LOVE your name (Chubby no more!). Genius!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

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