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Long Journey into my daughters wardrobes!

Hi, I've been reading a few other diarys and found them very motivating, so thought that I might do one too!

I've done SW before on a few occasions - got down to Target - but found maintaining very hard :cry: !

So here I am again :sigh: !!!

I started a week ago, this time I am going it alone, and was looking for a spinach and chickpea curry and couldn't find mine in the back of the cupboard so had a google and came across this site, which I thought was great, can't believe I hadn't found it before. So i've dipped my toes in the water and decided to dive in and do my own diary! Hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow, without the pressure of a weekly weigh in session at a club - although I did like the meetings and had a great consultant - because I crumble under pressure and reach for the nearest mars bar!!!

Anyway - I weighed myself in yesterday and had lost 6 lbs which I am very pleased with :D:D:D:D , so I will list my food intake as from yesterday and go from there!!

Breakfast was : Porridge with chopped banana, apple & peach with a nice cup of tea and some of my milk. HEA & HEB used

Lunch was: Cous Cous with Mushy Pea Curry

Tea: SW chips, Peas, 3 Quorn Sausages, 2 Frylite Eggs With brown sauce! (4 Syns)

Cadbury Hi lights (2 Syns)

Weetabix Oaty Bar HEB

I will mostly be having Green Days, I've always done them, and I like my 2 HEB.

Think that was everything!

Reason for thread title - there the size I would like to be!! Although that does mean they will have access to my wardrobe too :eek: Although - a small price to pay to be in a size 14 again!!!
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Ok food diary for yesterday goes like this:

Breakfast: bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms & Beans and of course a cup of tea. Went out for breakfast to our lovely local cafe, normally would have their veggie breakfast with toast but the lady who runs the cafe is lovely and was very helpful when i explained diet etc.

Lunch: mushy pea curry & cous cous - still loads left - nobody else will touch it! Shape 0% yoghurt.

Tea: Mushy Pea Curry & Rice! (thats it finished now!). Then to follow frozen raspberries with a Muller Yoghurt and 2 Mini Meringues crushed on top - NOMNOM.

Used Semi-skimmed Milk as HEA

Had Fibre Plus Bar as HEB

Syns were: Brown sauce with breakfast 1
Meringue's 2
Cadbury Hi light 2

Decided on EE day after breakfast, but today shall be a green day as I am making Leek & Potato Soup for Lunch.

Its amazing, after only just over a week on this diet I am starting to feel loads better again. Ideally I would really like to do a alkaline diet but I always buy the books research the diet fully and after the first few days I fall off the wagon big time. At least with SW you can still eat normal foods and not feel like you are depriving yourself. Even if you go and have a Maccy D's you can syn it - if you are on other diets you are straight back to the beginning of a 2 week thingy-ma-gig (such as atkins - yes I've done that also!!).

So on the whole, this time I am going to stick to it this time, I am going to lose the weight, and I am going keep the weight off. But really - as long as I feel better I shall be happy! No really I just want to lose the weight!!!!!

Well bye, see you tomorrow.
Hi, thought I should update my diary! Not felt very good, been very stressed - on the whole stuck to this fabulous diet - been more relaxed with it at the weekends though. I suffer with Fibromyalgia (FMS), and no I had never heard of it either before I was diagnosed last year! So if lack of sleep and tiredness occur then normally I grab whatever food is to hand, but thank goodness for tesco home deliveries!

Have been on this site though everyday still and picked up some great recipes, I'm finding this site better than going to groups for me, everybodies stories are so interesting.

I am absolutely loving the alpen bar/ quark cheesecake - and my daughters do! Although hubby wants to lose some wait too, he is very much a meat eater and I'm very nearly vegetarian, so find I'm having to cook one meal for him, one for me, and probably something different for my daughters also. Now I don't know about anybody else but just having to think about what I'm doing for tea for me can be stressful enough, but 3 different teas!!! Usually that is what throws me my diet completely, but this website is so inspirational, i've been cooking loads of different things.

Anyway, just realised this is not the food diary section, (duhhhh), so I think I will start posting on that later on today, but my weigh in day is usually Tuesday morning (at Home) and yesterday it read 16 st 4lbs, so a gain, but I had been bad at the weekend and felt very bloated. But on the plus side I have got a bench mark pair of new jeans that I tried on when I started the diet and they were about 3 inches away from doing up (!) today I could actually get them on and hole was touching button (just) so that was very nice - hopefully within the next couple of weeks I shall be in them comfortably.