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Long Long Journey


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Well being new to this site, I thought I would start my own diet diary.

My aim is to get the thinner person stuck inside of me to finally come out and ditch the fat me forever.

I have tried every diet going from The Cabbage Soup diet when I was a kid to LL in the past few years.

I found with LL that my weight dropped off but as soon as I ate food again it all piled back on and more.

I moved house 22nd May and whilst packing I found my original SW book with all my stickers *awards* on the back and thought.........if I did it then, I can do it again.

So I have decided to give the good old faithful SW a go again. Did SW 5 years ago and lost 5 stone in 14 months and was doing well.

Then husband decided to go off and have affair and left me devastated and over the past 4 years the 5 stone has come back to bite me on the arse lol.

I have asked my dr for surgery and am currently seeing a nutrionalist in order to be put forward to the panel but its no easy journey and if I can lose the weight with SW again that saves me the surgery.

I went to my first class 27th May and thought this is it, and got on the scales and said a fond farewell to the figure it was saying.

I have changed so much in my habits since joining SW this time that just the changes alone I am proud of.

I have cut back my drinking from a glass of wine after work.....leading to the full bottle being drunk to only drinking when I go out with friends.

Wk 1 - lost 3.5 lbs
Wk 2 - lost 4 lbs and sotw
Wk 3 - lost 5 lbs and sotw

My downfall is that I am addicted to my scales and can't help myself upon getting up in the morning.

So we are coming up to wk 4 and I was hoping to lose 1.5 to get my stone but think I have gained.

I havent really eaten much this week and am coming to the end of my pill packet so think its that time although I don't have them I think my body may go through it so hopefully its down to that.

So will go and get weighed and take whatever they tell me and then move on to the next week.

One thing I want to try to find time to do is set my wii fit up and start using it and save up for the new activ game which looks really good.

So thats my diary so far. I am going to try and keep this upto date with how I am doing, how I am feeling and hopefully get some inspiration.

Thanks for reading

Von x
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Well done on your weight loss so far. You have managed to loose weigh before and I am sure you will manage to do it this time. I am a bit like you jumping on and off the scales, they sit in the kitchen so you can imagine how often I am on them. I weigh myself once a week in Boots so I count that as my official weight. Like you I keep on meaning to go on the wii fit but never seem to get round to it. Keep up the good work.


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Well weigh in day today and was very shocked when I had lost 1lb. Wanted the 1.5lb but 1lb is better than I thought as I had it in my head I had gained this week.

Decided that this week I am going to hit the speed foods and eat more and see how I get on next week.

Have got the wii fit coming down tomorrow so will do that at some point during the week as well.

So here's to a good week this week :p


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Well weigh in went pretty well this week and lost 2lb so got my stone award.

Have had a pretty stressful week so know I haven't eaten properly and have had a chinese tonight but had boiled rather than fried rice so am making the right choices.

My wii fit is still upstairs but I am looking at treating myself to the EA game.

I cant do anything at the moment as suffering with my heel and am in alot of pain, had some steroids injected into it yesterday and its not stopped hurting yet.

Am going to write down everything I eat this week and see if that helps me and stick to speed foods and plan my week rather than picking at the last minute.

So here's to a good week.


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Sounds like you've been through the mill - but just deciding to get back in the saddle and conquer the old demons once and for all is the biggest and toughest step in the process, I think. Well done on your losses so far and on sticking to sensible choices in the face of grave Chinese temptation! I hope your heel's mending - make sure you give your bod plenty of time to rest and recover. Don't feel too bad if you don't get much exercise done in the meantime... you can still take off the weight just eating sensibly.

Hope you're doing well!