Long shifts at work, low energy...tips please

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  1. GaynorEm

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    Hello there gorgeous peeps

    I have just started a VLCD (today's day one in fact) and I work very long shifts. 5 to 6 days a week and between 8 and 12 hour shifts and two of these shifts are night shifts.
    What bothers me most is the lack of energy at work I will have as I normally eat for energy during these long, heavy shifts (I work in a nursing home)...do any of you have any tips to help get you through the early days?
    I was going to take a fortnights leave when I started the VLCD but this isn't possible at the moment. :(

    On the upper side...I feel very positive about it all. :D

    Thanks in advance

    Gaynor x
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  3. turquoise

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    Good luck, you will do it.

    My mum is a care worker and she works similar shifts to you. I have an idea how tiring it is to embark on VLCD.

    As you settle into Ketosis you'll feel more energetic and no hunger. You'll also need less sleep so you'll also have more free time outside work.

    There's no denying the foodpacks are tiny but perhaps spreading them into smaller "meals" will help?

    How about splitting your packs and making the powders up with a touch more water?

    I like to use a chocolate tetra to top decaf coffees. Can get three good portions out of it. "Milky" coffee's remarkably sustaining. It's all I have at work instead of "lunch".

    Once you have the bars you can split them too more easily.

    Fizzy water fills you up and after all the still water, feels a bit naughty.
  4. Mrs B

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    How about trying a higher plan for a couple of weeks to ease yourself into it? I got into ketosis the first week on the 790 plan and seemed to have a much easier time of it than people who started on SS. Splitting your packs is also a great idea. Watch the sparkling water lots of people find it fills them up but it seems to make me hungry.
  5. slushy

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    hi there

    i can only repeat the avice given above

    i regularly work 16 hour days and in my past experiences with ss have found teh way to go is to leave your first 'meal' till as late as you can bare
    and divide your shakes into two so you actually get six mini meals instead of just three
  6. bluemoon

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    Hi Gaynor
    I'm starting today as well! I also work long shifts (12 hours) and do 2 night shifts a week and i'm not sure yet how i'm going to cope either. When i was SSing before I found peppermint tea with a couple of sweetners in it a life saver tho i wasn't doing nights then but i'm going to try it and hopefully that and lots of water will get me through.
    Good luck
  7. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Splitting your food packs will help. Making sure you have hot drinks too as well as the water. Black tea and coffee with a tablet sweetener.
  8. annie_d

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    I do 13 and a half hour shifts. I have tried all ways of splitting the shakes and nothing helps. the ONLY thing that has helped me is to keep the water going every 30 minutes...EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT IT. Just have some, that has helped. x Good luck and keep going.
  9. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    Thanks ladies x ...it's nice to know you have all "been there done that and come through the other side"...makes it all seem so doable.

    love Gaynor x
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