Long shot, I know!!


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Just wondering if anyone has a scanned copy of the weightcare with cambridge book they could email me? My CDC doesnt seem to think she will be getting it...I think she may have to order a lot of them and doesnt want to be stuck with them or something
Kazz, your counsellor can order them in singles!

And should be giving this to you (although he/she can charge a nominal fee for it).

Thanks Mike...I'll make sure she knows that and get her to get me one,

Kazz, your counsellor can order them in singles!

sound a bit mean! send me your address. I am a cdc in portsmouth. I will send you one.

Thanks mischief.....I will try letting her know they can be ordered singly and if I have no joy with her may have to take up this offer!! (Hopefully not though!!)
Linda doesn't have the whole book scanned in...only little bits. sorry my dear!! :(:(:( I'd be happy to send you a booklet! so would Linda. We could find out who is closest and get that booklet out to you!! Darn counsellors who don't give out the booklets and stuff!! I just find it weird. That yellow book is the best money ever spent (apart from on Tetras and orange bars):)