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Long term??


I am on week 7 doing really well but i know by time i have finished my 14 weeks I will not be anywere near my goal weight, I have no idea what that is but I have so much to loose.

I was wondering what happens after the first 14 weeks. It was suggested at class the other night some of us may have to do another 14 as we wont be near goal.

I dont want to do that as i am having enough problems as it is now. I cant see me managing another 14. What about councelling you dont start back to week one so do you move to another group and continue?

If I didnt want to do total abstinance could I just reduce my packs and introduce convential foods gradually but still loose weight ?

My councellor hasnt really said anything about the next stage and i have been musing about it this afternoon as i have been nursing my cold
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Hiya :)

Lighterlife doesn't do a "with food" program like some other diets, you basically stick with the abstinance until you are near goal weight. Am sure someone like Cerulean or Atlanta will be about to explain it better than I!



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Hi Mike! Here I am!

Megsmum - the official deal with LL (and you should have talked about goal setting with your counsellor by now) is that you keep abstaining until you are at your goal. Your goal is generally around about BMI 22.5 depending on what weight/size you want to be or the weight you remember being comfortable at.

This sounds very harsh, especially at week 7 - which if I remember rightly is the bit where it gets a teensy bit harder before it gets easy again. The thing with LL is that you need to keep your goals right at the front of your mind - at this stage you are not ready to think about doing 30 weeks on the programme - so don't think about that right now - think about getting to your next WI and the one beyond that - I know someone personally who started at your BMI and she's getting very near to goal now after 9 months. The LL promise is a stone a month - but at your BMI the first few stone will go at a rate of about 1.5-2 stone a month for the first few months - most of the people who had to do 2-300 days will tell you that the time soon passes - and the important thing to remember is that if you don't do LL, the time will pass anyway with or witout you losing weight. At my intro meeting my LLC gave me an idea of how long it would take me to lose the weight I wanted to lose - she quite rightly promised me that I would have lost the weight I wanted to lose by July and that I would be on normal food by October - and she got it absolutely bang on!

Your green book explains all of the options abvailable to you after the first 100 days.

When you come off the packs everyone needs to do a 12 week programme of carefully managed eating (called 'Route to Management') that helps you to relearn your eating habits so you don't suddenly put all the weight back on/go back to your old habits. If you stick to it rigidly you ight lose a little weight, but my LLC says that most people put on a few pounds or stay the same so you can't rely on it as a way to lose more weight so you shoudl be at goal before you start.

For those of us not ready to do this after 100 days, you keep on going - you either stay with people in your foundation group who have more weight to lose - that depends on the way your counsellor runs things - but in theory you have 1.5 hour sessions where you do counselling together until you are ready to move on to management. Hope that explains things! Talk to your LLC and look at the back pages of your green book.

thankyou that has made it a lot clearer and totally depressed me lol. No serioulsy i had a feeling this was the case but my councellor had said nothing about it especially at the beginning. We have done goals but we havnt set a goal weight. I have set myself one for the purpose of my tracker and even that is above the 22 BMI at 24. When I worked it out I felt at the time it was to low for me. But would worry about that at the time. I have so far to go didnt want to worry about a couple of pounds near the end.

I was talking to hubby about it this morning and saying I really dont know if I can do another 14 weeks as i have it in my head I am half way through now. He said to carry on as I am doing so well but I also thought I would be back on food for xmas and if I carry on I wont be. He wants me to carry on as he is so pleased with me and he says I am doing brilliantly but it isnt him that is abstaning it is me. I am not thinking right at the moment and wont be doing anything in the next 7 weeks until I have finished this first block. Maybe I will feel differently then.

Another little problem I have which he hasnt sussed yet is the £66 per week we can just about afford it at the moment but not nearer xmas and certanly not after as we are always short at the best of times.

Thanks for the help