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Longest You've SSed


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Hey all,

I know I am not even close -well kinda- to maintenance but I thought no one else can answer this in the regular CD forum.

With no reason at all -feel fine physically and my doctor refused to take blood and prove all values are fine since all my vitals are brill- I am starting to worry about SSing. I've been on Sole Source, with a week of white and greens and not as much as a mistake cheating ways since the 9th of January. That puts me at nearly18 weeks I presume.

The national guideline and what the initial CDC and doctor have approved when I started was a week of break every 11 weeks and then back to SSing. I'm 5 weeks away from the next break and by my calculations I will still have to return to SS for a few more weeks till goal.

Now the question is.... how many months in a row have you SSed while on Cambridge? Should I start getting worried about potential long term effects -not drop dead, I get I am still feeding my body properly, just other things derived from long term ketosis and so on- or am I just being silly and people routinely go for longer than say 22-25 weeks SSing on CD.
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Laura Croft

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I only SSed for 10 weeks so not much help to you. However, there's a lot of people in the General forum and I bet some of them have been on the diet for a while. Really there's not a huge amount of traffic in here so perhaps think about posting there :)

Congrats on your fab weight loss. I'd say you are fine providing you still feel good. My CDC said we'd know when our time was up on CDC and she was right (at least in my case :))


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Thank you for the answer.

I'm sure there's more traffic there but the odds that people SSed for very long and are still on it are slim. Not that many as huge as I am/was :)

Good point about feeling good. I don't feel amazing, meaning I am sluggish and tired but that has to do with attempting to cut caffeine to boost weight loss and well with being bored of my 3 flavours of shakes of which I must have had close to 400 now :)


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KD how long have you SSed for in total?
It took me 9 months from beginning until goal. I was on 3 shakes a day for most of that time, though we did have an AMM (equal to 790cals) every few weeks. Also had to come off twice, once for 2 weeks, and once for 3 weeks, for medical reasons.


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Oh, there was no SS+ when I did the diet, so as I say, most of it was SS (3 shakes)


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YAY! Thank you! That response made my day! I'm just half way through that and I just need to get a handle on the head issue. I don't want to have an SSA (Sudden Sillyness Attack) and convince myself I can't keep on keeping on. Even if I lose at a minimal speed and I still ought to be at goal in half a year :)

It's just that for now it feels like a diet not a lifestyle change and I know real work starts in maintenance and I'm not going to find it a ride, I just wanna get to it faster.

Again, thanks a bunch for that answer.


Gone fishing
It's just that for now it feels like a diet not a lifestyle change
Yeah. Right there. Lifestyle change to come, and it's fun :clap:

9 months might have felt like a long time, but it's not as if I was banged up in prison. Life went on. Still got up in the morning, saw my family, laughed with friends etc. Just turned off the food button for a while until I could get my body back to how it should be.

No time at all in the grand scheme of things and certainly better (for me anyway), than hanging about for years getting a pound off here and there with other diets.

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