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from FAT to FIT
you Brits are so precious ;) come to Canada , you'd be sick of the snow in no time ! They don't call it the Great White North for nothing ! lol
I HATE the snow. Its cold wet and slippery. I can't walk in it, even mincing sees me on my arse more often than on my feet. I'd be happy to see it on Christmas morning but then it can go away. I even hated it as a kid...snowballs, no thanks unless they're the ones that have advocaat in them!


from FAT to FIT
lol .. yeah not fond of it myself.. a nice dusting on Christmas morning and then it can melt away.. perfect !

and yummm @ advocaat.. we have something similar here.. eggnog and we put spiced rum in it.. with a little nutmeg and a cinnamon stick.. delish ! and oh oh oh so fattening.. guess i'll be avoiding that this year.. lol
I won't be, its the only time I have a drink.

Got a bottle in, it wont all be mine...the kids all have some too. Youngest is 13 so no worries, no need for child services lol! Last christmas the bottle lasted a week between us so no one is getting even a tad tipsy.


from FAT to FIT
good restraint just being able to sip it ;) i avoid alcohol cuz i'll just go on a bender and the calories and hangover aren't really worth it to me.. lol.. Christmas morning i'll have an irish coffee or something but that's about it.
I got absolutely hammered about 8-9 years ago. Hadn't drunk in ages, had nothing to eat then had 15 drinks in 3-4 hours...it was 4pm the next day that I began to believe I would live but was 48 hours before I felt anywhere near 'normal' and I swore never again. The most I've had since is 2 bottles of WKD at a time and the shared bottle of advocaat at Christmas. I'm applying the same stubborn resolve to this weight loss!

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