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looking for a cd buddy last resort lol

hi everyone. I have restarted ss over the last month over and over and keep failing. i came to the conclusion that i am crap and will be fat forever cos i just have no willpower at all. then i came across this site, and read sassy's post on starting back on ss, and thought it was fab. Before, i have done ss for a few days, found it to hard, come off and binged, then gone back on it again, etc etc vicious circle started. How thick am i ? i now realize i was setting myself up to fail doing that, but maybe thats the issue in the first place - is this too deep lol ??!! I've had a weight prob for years and been depressed for years because of it. I also have a best mate and husband who think the diet is unhealthy and i am so grumpy while on it that i shouldn't bother...
Anyhow, after another unsuccessful week of me messing about, i came on here in desperation really. I see my cdc on monday night, so i decided after reading the post on getting back onto ss the easy way, i would try that, as i have never done any prep at all, and suffered bad symptoms doing ss. I am going to do the lower plans today (sat) tom and monday, then onto ss middle of next week.
I wondered if there was anyone out there who feels like i do, and wanted to buddy up ? I can come on here most days, as i have 3 kids at school but little one in the house.
I am told it gets easier, but having never got past about day 4 i haven't experienced the no hunger full of energy bit yet !!?? I would really love to, and i'm sure if i could just get past that bit i'd be fine. I just have hardly any motivation left at all now lol !!
Sorry to be a pain and thanks for reading my long post !

Brina xx
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Wow you did the hardest part of CD then stopped , I think you missed eating didn't you hehe
but hey everyone on here will hear your shouts so just keep posting ok . Hey someone soon may buddy up with you just keep watching . Good luck
Hi Brina,
Mine is a very similar story. I went down to 10st 10lbs before last Christmas and, although I didn't quite get to goal, I felt brilliant. Maintained at 11st up until April /May time and then have been faffing about since then - CDing / eating / CDing / eating blah blah blah. Couldn't really do it whilst my three kids were off school so I'm starting again on Monday. Like you, I can't get past about 4 days but I am really going to try hard this time. My husband is taking me to a posh hotel in London at the end of September & shopping in the West End. I really really want to spend some of his money on some new clothes but no way unless I am no more than 11 stone. I am currently 11st 9lbs and want to get to under 10 stone. It doesn't seem much but, at the moment, half a stone seems like a mountain to climb. I'll be your buddy.

Similar story here except I am finding the higher plan more difficult to stick to then SS itself. I have a stone to lose (probably a little more as I have gained a bit). I feel I am like a broken record when I post on here moaning about the same one stone to lose. The stick to the plan works for a couple of days then like you I have the binge and it becomes a cycle. So here I go again too!
lol at least i know i'm not the only one which makes me feel better ! I'm doing low carb today so enjoying my last bit of food, but non guilt inducing as its healthy ! No binging on rubbish. I WILL get thru this first week ! We will all have to try and break the cycle. K-nine, thanks for offering to be my buddy. I have a fair bit to lose more than you though, I'm 16st4. But i reckon we could be buddies til you get to goal and then that will encourage me more !! Will look for you on here and then pm my email and we can whinge to each other as much as we want x
Feeling a bit rough this morning. Went to a very old friend's for dinner and had a bit too much of everything. Still, last night was one of the reasons I couldn't start CD before now (excuses excuses). Stood on the scales and was about 3lb heavier than yesterday morning - aaaggghhhh! Today, I am going to have two pack and then a light meal and start properly tomorrow. Brinababe - you'll lose it faster than me, I bet! Good luck for tomorrow. I'll be on here everyday so I'll watch out for you. Good luck to you too Kira.

Hi K-9 ! be the way whats your proper name i feel odd calling you k-9 lol ! My name is sabrina but i prefer brina. i'm not a babe though - yet ! Well, i've been doing low carb all weekend, but had a bit of a slip up yesterday and had some pizza - arrgghh !! But today, had a shake this morning, then chicken and lettuce for lunch, then just had a shake again. I had choc flavour, as i am really craving chocolate right now. In fact i just took my little boy to docs cos he had tummy ache, and on the way back i was seriously thinking about taking a detour to the shop to get some. I had all the old things in my head that i've always had, like the "oh, just get some, you can always start again tomorrow" etc. But just as i was putting the indicator on to turn up the road to the shop, i thought "no ! I don't want any !" And i drove home instead. I know it sounds daft but for me thats a small victory. In the past i'd just ignore the no voice and just go and pig out, then feel really crap and binge some more. I could still murder some chocolate though lol !!! Which is why i came on here...
So, am going to start properly on SS tomorrow, and see how i go. To be honest, i'm really worried i won't do it, which i suppose is a bit negative, but its hard to change a habit thats took all my life to set !
anyway, sorry to write such a long post, :D:D:Dhope your doing ok, i will pm you my email addy so we can keep check on each other !
Brina x
Hi Brina
I'm Jools. Should really sign off as that, shouldn't I?
Had a good day - haven't cheated at all. But now feel very very hungry and I have a headache. So, I'm going to have a soak in the bath and then early to bed.
When I did this last year, I cheated all the time, by eating chicken or cottage cheese. I still lost a stone in four weeks and a stone and six pounds in 6 weeks. (Then it was Christmas, so I stopped). You will lose weight with two packs and a light lunch every day if you can't do SS. I'm going to try not to cheat this time as I am going away for the weekend with DH in just under three weeks & I would really like to be somewhere near where I got to before Christmas.
Keep away from the chocolate!!

PS - I'm not very good with the whizzy bits with postings - so sorry if they look a bit boring!
How's it going Brina??
Hi jools,
Well first day of ss, weighed myself this mornin which i konw is a big no no, but couldn't resist - and it said i lost 6lbs ! That has spurred me on, even tho i no it might not be that accurate it still gives me a boost. But right now i am so hungry. Have had 2 shakes so far, and just thinking, do i have another shake for tea, or shall i have some chicken or an omelette or something proteiny. Not decided yet. Think i'm in ketosis tho as i have a furry mouth - yuk !
Just fetched my ds from school and gotta make tea, so hoping my hunger won't give way to temptation. mmm what can i make them that i don't like lol..:D
how are you today ?
love brina x
Hi Brina
What a great start! I'm hungry too and I feel very tired. I have had all my packs today already so it will be something of a miracle if I can keep going until tomorrow without anything else. I keep trying to keep an image of the thin me in a posh dress in my mind's eye.

Have to go and bath the kids - oh joy!

That's okay - I have those moments too! Have replied on the other thread.

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