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Looking for a diet buddy.....

Hi Guys

Yesterday I started a low carb diet. I have tried CD and LL in the past but was too restrictive for me. I am planning on 20 carbs per day basically Atkins but also using other lo carb products.

I have A LOT of weight to lose and know I am in this for the long haul.. I just wondered if there is anyone just starting who also has a lot to lose who fancied teaming up for mutual support.

I am just shy of 30 with a small child and busy life.......

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hey sappho, I am always on here i would more than happily give you support through your journey, this can be quite a slow forum at times but if you need support just pm me x x

I be on lo carb for about 2 and half weeks and am actually really enjoying, i in the right frame of mind this time. i am 27 have 2 little cats which i treat like children !!! and also have a crazy life at the mo' but it is always good to escape on here and talk to other people on the same kind of plan :)

sam x
Hi Sappho,
Ive also tried the VLCD and while it works for a while I find it difficult to last more than 6 weeks but loved the quick results! Ive done weight watchers and atkins in the past. Ive got 5 stone to loose and like low carb/atkins as i never feel hungry and the results are fairly quick too! I am 27 and have a 5 year old daughter, working full time and looking after her makes it difficult to plan meals for myself. I would love a diet buddy so give me a shout and maybe we can support each other? Im planning on starting on Wednesday as i need to go shopping first. I am the most determined Ive ever been this time as i split with my hubby of 8 years 4 months ago and need to get back in shape and dont want to start 2009 miserable and complaining about my weight.


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Hi Guys

I'm on a low carb diet too - have taken the easy route and get the food delivered to the house by a company called go lower but it's all designed around low carb get into ketosis and watch the weight disappear

I've just finished week 4 and am 11lb down - about 2 stone to go - planning to have most of it off by xmas with a final rush to the finishing line by end of jan.

Bit disappointed that no one really seems to have noticed my weight loss yet (funny isn't it when i put on 11lb i convince myself no one will notice - when i lose it i want plautids, applause and general congratulations) am hoping it's that people are too polite. I'm seeing my family in 2 and a half weeks and trust me if they notice it they'll tell me (haven't told them I'm dieting so if they notice it's real)

gosh went off on a bit of a tangent there - just wanted to say Hi to everyone and even though I'm on a slightly different version of the same diet hope we can all help each other

Hi Lou

I think I have seen Go Lower stuff on avidlite (a website that sells all lo carb), congrats on your WL so far.

I think your family will prob notice a difference, people who see you everyday or quite often dont tend to notice so much. They have prob noticed that extra sparkle though!

Good luck for this week.


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im on week 2 of CD and im desperate to eat and have considered that being on atkins would be my best option. Im in ketosis all the time on CD, have very little to eat but constantly starving. thinking atkins might be good so I might start next week and be your buddy too xx


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good luck in whatever decision you make Chunka Malunka - this is my plan b after CD as well - I just couldn't cope not eating anything

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