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Looking for a Weight Loss Buddy

After restarting this diet for what feels like the 100th time, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being a weight loss buddy so we can support each other throughout the diet?

I know I really have to stick to this diet this time round and not restart yet again, I did manage to lose 2 stone on the diet but didn't stick to like I should have
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added you as a friend hun, keep posting you get lots of space for yout ticker which you should get up asap and also any pics or measurements get em noted down somewhere
I have got a ticker but not sure how to put it onto my profile.

Had a bad day in work yesterday and had things to eat. Feel really guilty about it today and am back on the diet - I need to control myself when I get stressed out and feel the need to eat.
Morning Lovemusic.
I understand how tempting and easy it is to eat when your feeling anyway other than fantastic, even the slightest blimp on my radar has me reaching for the fridge door handle. You ate and it happens, try and refocus yourself today on the job in hand, do it hour by hour if you have to. Your giving yourself a massive gift of freedom from food and need to try and utilise it to its full potential. Be confident, be sure to have your water,tea, coffee and shakes handy and move forward into the upwards spiral of big changes to you.

Is that too deep lol , its only 9.39 and my head is wreaked.
Keep posting i cant seem to pm or email you yet!, will post link on how to get your ticker up.

Thanks for the link regarding the weight loss ticker - hopefully it should work.

I really have to stick to this diet this time on my first bottle of water for the day and feeling hungry but just going to keep glugging which should help.

How did you find the lipotrim diet, I was looking to go on that diet but went for the Cambridge diet instead


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hi guys ,just wandering if i can be a weight loss buddy too.....i aslo have had to restart as of sunday due to a really bad week of eating. i did really well on my first week and lost 10 lbs then had a terrible second week due to being on a course away from home and i ended up having a 5 day binge !
anyway i'm finally back on track with hopefully my lat restart and i've just come home from my weigh in and i lost 3lbs which i'm plaese about as i only restarted sunday.
i also need all the support i can get and i find that supporting others keeps me focused :) x


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definitely worth it....the pictures on the inspiration slides prove that ! :)
i just keep thinking to myself how different i could look in 12 weeks .... thats enough to keep me going this time....to look great by X-mas and new year x
I will be shouting right along with you, I have got some size 12 clothes - I used to be that size a long time ago and can't wait to get back into my really nice red dress, am also looking forward to being able to fit into a pair of size 12 jeans and not feeling self concious of my size


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i have size 8's and 10's as well...i refused to throw them away...i can't actually believe i ever fitted into anything so tiny, but i will now be so happy to be a 12 as i think this size is more realistic to maintain.
jeans are a big issue for me...as soon as i'm at size 12 i'm going out to buy the most expensive pair of designer jeans i can find !!!! x
WOOP WHOOP Hello girlies!!

good work on the ticker! and hello Claire glad to have you aboard

Lipotrim was good, really good, but when i had a blip involving 4 iced doughnuts i felt i needed a counsellor to chat with so switched. Also the lack of variety on Lipotrim was getting to me, im glad i have changed , just seems way of life now.

Feel free to check out my diary in the weight loss diary section, its a tad boring but you might read something u didnt know.

So girls size 12's is it!! I would love to be a 12 but i think size 14 is going to be more my size.
What packs are you on?

Im doing SS+ so i get a little 200 cal meal each day, keeps me sane, will have to see how the loss goes on wk 2 its WI day tomorrow. when are you two weighing in??

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