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looking for motivation

Hi Preetone as no-one else has answered yet a few words from me.

My main motivation is myself - I really want to do this and am very determined. I think that is the main key it is very hard to lose weight unless you are focused on it.

Next is planning/ forming habits. I plan what I'm going to eat, I make my lunch the night before so I have no excuse not to take it to work and I don't have anything that it isn't ok for me to eat in the house - very boring I know!

Finally my little bits of extra motivation when I'm feeling rubbish are my fat pictures on the fridge - they really are awful and would put anyone off eating -and the clothes I have hanging up that are one size smaller than I currently am - they really focus me on where I'm trying to get to next.

Good luck and keep posting when you are feeling down.:)


wants to get super fit!
Hi Preetone! I have to say I agree with Debzi - one of the most important things I do is plan that I don't go hungry. I always know what my next meal is going to be. I've also weaned myself off processed food. Although a WW meal may only have say 375 cals in it I can't help but think a steak and some veg is better for me and i find I don't crave for that sort of thing any more and can walk around the supermarket without drooling at their pre packed meals! I know this isn't supposed to matter if you look at the scientifics of CC but it seems to work for me. Food aside though, running my hands down my body in bed in the morning and gradually beginning to feel hip bones and ribs is a good incentive too! I have terribly weak moments though and feel I'll never get to the end but as mommy b told me - 'you never will if you give up now that's for sure' ( or something like!!)
You want motivation Pree? How about summer is nearly here! We don't have much time if we want to wear nice clothes without feeling frumpy! What exercise are you doing? I'm doing none unless you class walking to and from my car..lol I'm thinking about taking up jogging....


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Good point, summer is a great motivation. I am really looking forward to going on holiday and looking good for a change. Don't think I will make my target weight for then but hopefully I will be close.;)
As for exercise I'm just doing walking at the moment though I am walking about 20 miles a week which amounts to quite a lot of calories. Thinking about buying a wii-fit though but it's quite expensive.


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Well im doing a bit of a detox starting 2moro. i have two weeks off for easter [im a teacher for new ppl or those who have forgotten] so im doing a kick start.

So im filling up of LOTS of veg and protein, no wheat. and carbs at lunch only [rice or new potatoes but not too many]. drink LOTS of water. and going to take up jogging, well start off with walking for about half hour a day to start with.

rite any other tips??????????


Shoot to thrill
I started a blog that focuses on fashion, having it there and having to consciously focus on what I am wearing for it makes me want to lose weight. I'd like to be a size 14 so I look awesome in full length pictures.

Also, I want to be able to wear nice clothes this summer, maybe even a swimming costume / bikini on the beach! It is also my birthday in Nov and I want to look so awesome that all my friends from my home village are like 'woah!' hehe.

Do a motivation sheet. Just cut out a load of pictures, maybe ones of you that you don't like, a style of clothes you want to wear etc. With mine I know that I will keep looking at it over these months to keep me going!

Another thing that has motivated me is that my Grandma who is in her 70s became really ill recently. Before she fell ill she'd been swimming, eating right, exercising and got from 15st to 13st. She went into hospital and almost died, if she hadn't been as healthy as she was then she would've done. I'm only 20 but I want to be healthy enough throughout my life to be able to deal with any sickness or injury that might happen.


Shoot to thrill
Try creating a motivation sheet:

There's my one. Just some pictures and words that represent what you are working to. It doesn't have to be done on the computer, do it on a bit of paper, cut up old pictures and magazines! Then refer to it everytime you don't feel as motivated as you think you need to be!
wow thats a brilliant idea.

just got back from nandos. i had really reduced my cals all day so i could have a 'nice' dinner out. a friend of mine has just come back from china have not seen her in months. we thought nados was a semi healthy choice. just found a half chicken is over 600 cals! and i had a garlic bread and corn on cob. way over my daily target.

only felt better when i got to 10000 steps on my pedometer by walking my friend to the station rather then drive her there. i was feeling rubbish for going over my cals, but looking at ur post has really cheered me up. thanks!


dancing queen ;)
I really like your idea, Jettica!!!
Was just scrolling through this looking for a bit of motivation for myself. Find it a bit hard at the moment.
Quite happy the way things have been working up to now, but my weight does not seem to want to change for the last few weeks. I guess, my bods adjusting a bit or something. Well, at least I am not gaining anything either ;)
when u hit a wall some thing i have heard suggested is uping ur calorie intake for a week and then dropping down again , this is meant to kick start ur diet again


dancing queen ;)
thanks, that would be good, if that does the trick
Jettica your motivation sheet is brill I'm gonna do one and cut and paste my fav clothes I want to be back into too x
My other half took a photo of me front then back of me naked.
Anytime i feel i want to eat something i shouldnt i have a wee look at it on my phone, and look at the size of my bum and change my mind and have a glass of water! :)

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