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Looking for some advice on what to expect when I start exercising :)

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Hey everyone,
I've posted a thread on exercise before. Just looking for some information before I decide when to start.

I've been losing weight at a nice steady pace, typically 1-2lbs per week after the first month where a stone dropped off.

I want to be at target in 7 months time, but it's not just the number on the scales that bothers me. It's have a virtually flat stomach and no moobs so I can actually have the confidence to do stuff like swimming!

Now I'm not sure on when is best to start exercise? I'm not one who's bothered about losing 4lbs per week. If anything I'm scared exercise will make me lose weight too fast and I'll still be left with a bunch of excess skin.

I'm also not sure what a balanced exercise plan would be. I'm not after an exact guide, just good exercises that support losing fat as opposed to being a muscle bound god :p

About the previously mentioned stomach and moobs, would exercise help this, or just boost my weight losses? Sadly I know I can't target areas for weight loss, and it seems to be coming off from those areas last.

Sorry for the long post, I just feel a bit lost. I don't want to start exercising, then be disappointed with what I get out of it or something.
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Hi Matt,

I tend to find that my weight loss slows down when I am exercising, and you will see a lot of comments that say the same. It is a tad annoying that on the weeks I work out the hardest I loose the least BUT I am more toned and actually less bothered about the weight than the overall scales. Would happily be 20stone if I was a size 10!!

Loads of exercise vids on YouTube that target abs, I think Jillian Michaels is great. Press ups and chest presses are good for moobs. Remember that muscle weighs twice what fat weighs in volume - and a pound of muscle burns twice the amount of calories as a pound of fat.

Hope that helps!

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What do you want to get out of the exercise? If it's just to help weight loss just doing anything more than what you are doing now will help. You can start as simply as walking more.

As Jules above has said there is loads of Gillingham Michaels stuff free on you tube. I like the 30 day shred and even if you just start by doing what you can and building up.

I think it's easy to fall into the trap of just doing cardio to try to shift the weight, but doing a good balance of cardio and strength will be better for weight loss and toning. Basically if you build muscle it will help you to burn more calories and help you to look toned once you have got your body fat down.

I would recommend getting a personal trainer, even if it's just for a few sessions to get you started ..or maybe try a boot camp at your local park.
I always find after a period of inactivity, my losses slow right down for about 3/4 weeks, and then I see a boost and I go back to normal and I start to lose more than I did before. The biggest difference I see though is that my body shape changes when I do exercise, I feel slimmer, I notice problem areas go down quicker, it just generally improves weight loss as a total.

I started exercising by going to the gym, (which was daunting at 25st but it was fine, no one batted an eyelid), and I just went at my own pace. Started just going on the bike for 15 mins then walking on the treadmill. Now I can dobike, cross trainer, and even some light jogging for a couple of minutes on the treadmill. I also started aqua aerobics too which is great.

If you don't want to commit to the gym the best thing you can do is get outdoors and just walk. there are some great apps that allow you to monitor how far you walk (map my walk is a good one) and you can build it up over time.
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I started going to the Gym about 10 weeks ago four times per week.
Toning has started to get noticeable but my losses have been hit and miss as I am getting closer and closer to my target now so it has become a battle to get there.
I do about 45 mins of Cardio and about an hour of resistance on the machines. I have two days of all over body blast (working every muscle group on resistance machines) and one day focusing on my legs and another focusing on my arms. I consistently work on my Abs and back on resistance machines as I want to tone and get definition there especially to give myself the best platform for my post-loss surgery.

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