Looking for some sympathy


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I ventured out yesterday for the first time since it snowed and fell over on some ice and bruised my bum :mad:. Luckily a passer by picked me up, he was very kind and concered for my welfare and he didn't laugh at me lying on the ground flat on my back.

I am really suffering today, my family are not very sympathetic, they just want me to wait on them as usual despite my pains.

I'm not going out again until this bloomin snow goes away, if it takes forever so be it. Grrr!!!

I think a Tesco delivery will be on order this week :).
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Hope you feel better soon. Went over myself and currently have my wrist and knee strapped up with various other aches, cramps and bruises so know how you feel. Take care and keep warm
Oh poor you! It really is a nightmare getting around at the moment.

Don't wait on your family - they won't starve! Retire to the sofa, groaning a little from time to time. They should be waiting on you!!

As well as the bruises, a fall like that shakes you up. Take care of yourself.


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Take care love, and here is a big hug to help you get better ))))))hugs((((((, best wishes to you.


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:character00264: Hope you feel better soon, at least you haven't broken anything. Sit down and rest and get the rest of the family to do for you today, I know what its like mine are the same, but sometimes you just have to say no, I'm not doing it. They won't starve or go thirsty, trust me, you might if its left to them though lol.


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Thanks guys, dinner is being cooked for me tonight!! I think they have finally got the message that Mum is not well enough :p
(Must have been after I showed them my swollen and bruised bum!!!)

Roz V

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I'm afraid the bum will look even worse tomorrow, so you may need to repeat the 'unpeeling!'

Seriously though, I do hope that you are able to get some sleep tonight, and that you feel a bit better in the morning.