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Looking for support

Hi everyone
I started Lipotrim on 10 february by going to a local pharmacy. I was introduced via a colleague at work. I guess I am not very overweight but the chart say I am my first weigh in my weight was 13.2 and bmi 29 so just under obese, but actually only a size 14, I am 5ft 7" tall. Most people would say I wasn't overweight as my height meant I looked ok, but as I have been a lot smaller I was/am never happy.

The Lipotrim diet seemed too extreme to start with by now I am due to go for my second weigh in I feel that my body is adjusting to it more than my brain, my constant heartburn seem to disappear within a day of being on it.

The reason I say I need support is because none of my friends and family and partner think it is good for me and can't understand why I need to take such drastic action. But I have tried all other diets and I can't stand going to "fat" clubs and sitting round talking about recipies and weighing everything I eat. So I just thought cut the whole lot out, it's easier! I also like the one to one private pharmacy visits with lipotrim.

I am not missing food just miss a bit of wine. I lost 6lb in my first week and expect not to do so good tomorrow, they say the 1st week is the best. After my first week I have had four v small glasses of white wine over 5 days, so really not very much for me. I just to drink a bottle a night. I know I have still lost more weight as my clothes are getting bigger and I got into an old pair of jeans already!

I am trying to get my mind to switch from feeling deprived to focusing on my goal, being bridesmaid at my friends wedding this summer and feeling confident and not minding having my picture taken.It is very hard nowadays not to be controlled by food as it is everywhere and even when you aren't watching people eating the stuff that got you in this position, it is on the tv.

I don't know how I am to cope with social events, meals out etc. I have been driving everyone lately so I don't get tempted to drink.

So I am trying to take the view, there is more to life than food, I have never thought that I am that bad as far as food is concerned, I don't like a lot of the fatty foods that are associated with weight gain, but still managed it, and as you get older your metabolism changes, plus I am unable to do a great deal of exercise due to work, but I do have my horse which I do at the weekends.

It doesn't help having a partner that can eat for england and doesn' gain weight. I have to accept that he is made up differently to me and I can never be like him, that's what got me to put weight on in the first place joining in with his habits.

Anyhow, I could go on and on, any comments and feedback appreciated. I'd love to hear how you cope with "normal food" after having lost the weight you want and particularly how drinking alcohol has affected you. I have to say that I don't feel the need to go mad on it like used to, which is a good thing. And also what do you do when you have to go out for a meal???

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Just read your post and can relate to a lot of it. I started Lipotrim last year but had to come off it after a week as I had a number of personnel tragedies. I am starting it again tomorrow, I had my appointment with the chemist and feel ready to get stuck in. My boyfriend could eat the world and still not gain a pound lol unlike me! He had to move to the other side of the country with work so we only see each other at weekends now. I am hoping that I will have the right frame of mind to stick with it properly as I am on my own during the week and since last year have developed a comfort eating problem. I am getting weighed in tomorrow so will stick up a current ticker when I know the damage. I would be interested in joining forces with someone to give each other support even if it is just a few words each day if someone else is. Hope you all have successful dieting!:)
Hi Sci-Fi, 7 weeks on now, I don't get on here much and to be honest I find it really difficult to find things I've posted to check if I have had a response. I have lost 2st 2lb overall and am considering doing refeed, apparently my BMI is 24.2, but depending where you check I can go as high as 25! So can be very confusing. I haven't cheated at all apart from alcohol, but that hasn't affected my weight loss. I had two naf weeks when it was totm, which apparently is normal. My other half is getting a bit fed up with it, even though it's not him doing it! said I'm too thin, but I don't think so at 11st, but some of my size 12s are getting a bit lose I suppose. Anyhow, how are u doing? I can see you're in refeed, how's it going. I have to keep this off this time, such a lot of pressure, got to be bridesmaid this July. x

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