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Looking for teen CDers

:rolleyes: Title by reccomendation, But I was curious if there were any other Teens on CD? I'd like to make some friends maybe a little support group. Just curious how sucessful ya'll have been. :eek: Our the legends true? Does our skin actually keep its elastiscity? :p Our we really the future? Is the world actually revolve around us? Just looking for some new friends. Nice to meet you all. ^,^
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can i still be a friend even tho i'm 23 Puppysnducks???

i hope my skin has kept it's elasticity... so far so good...

good luck chick... i'm sure you will do fabulous you little spring chicken xxx

Absolutely when I said teen I meant.. Um.. :rolleyes: Well gosh I guess everyone is okay. Everybody is important I was just curious about other teens and how they have been on it. ^_^ Im open to friends of any age, We're all fighting the same fight.
I'm 21 and my skin has lost its elasticity after loosing 8 stone(112lbs) in fact I'm off to see a surgeon this afternoon about having a tummy tuck and boob job, but then it may just be that I'm unlucky!

Good luck sweetie :) Cambridge is a great diet and does give fantasic results as long as you stick with it.

I want to still be a teenager, but I'm 22 :D


Fab & Fit For Florida
are you going for it on the NHS cj???

how did you go about it... because my boobs have really shrunk (well i feel they have) and i'm scared they will shrink even more...

i know i can't afford to have this stuff done privately, but how could i look into it when i reach goal???
:D Lots of twenteens on here. Hehe. I guess I should invest in some of that uh.. :x Don't remember the name but its an oil for the skin, I already have buckets worth of cocoa butter for skin, I use alot of skin creams, Strange I never paid attention to my weight but I took such care of my skin/hair. Time to go full package I guess. Anyone know any good skin lotions? They stopped selling the stuff I used before.
my consultation today is with an nhs surgeon, my doctor referred me to him because I was so depressed about my excess skin, I just have to wait and see what he says today, he may say that I have to prove to him that I can maintain for 6 months or so which I really hope isn't the case because I've been this weight since december, only reason I didn't go and see him then was because I still had 3 months of uni left and also wanted to try and get down to 9.7 before seeing him but I've decided to get the ball rolling anyway!

My stomach is def my worst area as its where I've always carried the majority of my excess weight.My boobs are bad too, really saggy and flat.Tops of my thighs and bingo wings are awful too from the stretch marks etc... So today is uber important for me, I just want to feel 'normal'!!

If he doesn't agree to do it I may go private, Its expensive but I've already spent a lot of my my life unhappy due to my weight, I can't afford to waste anymore time being unhappy :)

If I were you I would go and see your g.p when you're nearish goal weight and see if they will refer you to a surgeon.

I'm 28 but try telling my brain that I'm not 18 any more...I've tried and lost the arguement on many an occation!:D

Whereabouts are you princess_cj?


Finally a size 12!
Im 24 although i act like im 18 ha ha ha ha my boobs have shrunk also they look awful :( once im done im gonna go docs and ask about an uplift (dont want anything adding) xxx
Mine are gettnig a bit low for my liking but I don't want to really have to go through any more surgery, I've already had a reduction on the NHS 6 years ago so think I'd be taking the whatsits asking for even more from them!
RE the skin oil, try Bio oil or the generic equivalent!


Fab & Fit For Florida
i know mine have shrunk so i'm gutted... but at the same time, if i am honest... they don't look awful...

the thing with me is i am obsessed with really big boobs and have wanted really big boobs since i was about 13... hopefully one day i will be able to have them done


Finally a size 12!
mine are just saggy there empty at the top :( thats why im really concious about going swimming tonight
Oh my, I've always wanted small petite ones, I have had GIGANTIC ones since I can remember. I can barely fit in a D. My doctor said my body type wouldn't allow for small ones unless I had a reduction, Which would possibly be temporary.. How many cups do people lose in ratio? Or do some woman retain the cup size? I wish mine werent so eh.. jiggly.


Fab & Fit For Florida
oh don't be silly chick... just think how good you are actually going swimming!!! you wouldn't get me going swimming yet lol


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:eek::DDown with big boobs!! I've just gone from 38H (as in that luvverly photo to the left:eek:)to something a helluva lot smaller (but still on large side:sigh:) They are now beginning to look like half empty sacks but at least my back ache isn't as bad!! OH can't get over the change in them - they were defo a handful b4!!
I was only allowed my reduction after I lost 2 stone as I had to prove to them that these puppies weren't going to go away even when I lost the weight. I went from a 38FF/G to a 38C/D after surgery. At my heaviest they went up to a 42/DD so weight doesn't seem to really do much to mine but like i said they do seem to be struggling with gravity at the moment!:(


Finally a size 12!
Mine were 36 g and now ive resorted to stuffing my bra as ther too big and not buying new ones to throw away x

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