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Looking to join LL but have a question....

Hi everyone,
I've been reading the posts and looking at before and after pics of people on LL and I have to say - it seems amazing!!

After being with a slimming club for 8 months and only lost under a stone, I am looking to join LL to totally turn myself around, HOWEVER, after completing the BMI calculator on LL's website it says that I am in the healthy range (how anyone with 4 spare tyres around their middle and 38F boobs is healthy I don't know!), and I would only ideally want to lose 2+1/2 stone, does this mean I'm not eligible for LL??

To make matters worse, I asked my slimming club leader if I was in the healthy weight range and she said I was still classed as obese, so I'm totally confused! :sigh:

Can anyone give me a bit of advice?

Thanks in advance

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The Diet Guy

What is your height and weight and one of us can tell you whether you are ok for LL, Cambridge or neither.



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Hiya Munchkin,
You're right - this diet is great. And you never feel physically hungry either. I've been on it for 26 days now and by last Tuesday I'd lost 17lbs already.
You do need to be 3 stone overweight to do the diet though. If I were you I would call up your local LL counsellor and speak to him/her about it. But I can highly recommend it! Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

I'm 5ft 3 and 12st 5 and have quite a 'solid' frame (didn't know how to put that, but I meant that I am the total opposite of petite when it comes to my bones)

Cheers again


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Calculate your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator above is very easy to use and see if you get the same result.

To do Lighter Life Programme you do have to have at least 3 stone to lose I believe.

You also have the option of doing Lipotrim which is very like Lighter Life but without the CBT. The milkshakes and bars are similar. You must have two stone to lose with them.

Cambridge Diet has several plans to suit what ever range your BMI is at.

But you can not sole source with Cambridge Diet once your BMI is 25. But you can do one of the other plans which has been shown to have very good weight loss as well.

I hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks everyone,
I've done the calculation on the BMI cal above and it def says I am obese, so I'll do as slinkytobe advises and give the counsellor a call.

Cheers again (and maybe see you again soon!)