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Loola's Losing Log

S: 16st3.5lb C: 16st2.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.66%)
Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea for me to start a weight-loss diary, just to keep track on my progress, and to look back at for inspiration if I'm having a tough time at some point.

I'm 27, with 2 kids (2.5 years and 6 months), and over the past 5 years I've gained about 5 stones. I started slimming world at a wobbly 16st 2lbs, and have so far lost 9lbs in 3 weeks (3lbs, 3.5lbs and 2.5lbs), which has been a great start and a really good motivator to keep going. The last 2 weeks have included a couple of social events which have kept me from being as good as I would have like to have been, but I'm pleased to say I've managed to save up my sins for these occasions, and they haven't appeared to halt my weight-loss. This week I have nothing in my way, so intend to stick to the plan 100%, and I'm hoping for a good loss on Monday.

I joined the gym a couple of months ago (before starting slimming world), and was having big success health-wise, but ZERO success weight-wise. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been for about a month, but intend to change that tonight. I think I'm going to ease myself in gently and just do 30 mins on the bike or something. But I want to start going at least 3 times a week, so fingers crossed I'll have the willpower!

I think that's about all for now! I did want to ask if it's ok to just use this area as a personal diary, and not add my food diary to it?

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On a mission
S: 17st12lb C: 16st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 1st9lb(9.2%)
Hiya Katy and welcome to the forum :)

This is the place to put your diary, mine's here too, I find it a great help to me as I'm sure you will, good luck with the gym, I should really go but can't fit enough hours in the day at the min.

Anyhoo good luck again on your weight loss journey, your losing steady xx Boo xx
S: 16st3.5lb C: 16st2.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.66%)
Thanks for the reply. I definitely think writing stuff down helps you to stay focussed, so think this space on the forum is a great idea.

I'm at the gym now and 26 mins into my bike session - it's going better than expected! Thought I might have lost the fitness I'd built up really quickly, but it seems I'm still ok, phew! 161 calories burned so far, and looking forward to a nice risotto when I get home. I'm feeling really good about this week so far - let's hope it continues!!

S: 16st3.5lb C: 16st2.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.66%)
Well I'm still on plan food-wise, but am already going to have to give the gym a miss tonight. I woke up this morning feeling very sketchy and haven't really improved much as the day's gone on! I think I have some kind of sickness virus, so will have to take it steady today. Struggling a little bit to want to eat, but am managing to have bits, and all on plan. Fingers crossed I'll be the only one in the house to get it, and my kids and OH will be spared. Not sure how likely that is though!

Anyway, I enjoyed the gym on Tuesday. Ended up doing 35 mins on the bike and felt great afterwards. Definitely want to get back into it properly, so hope I recover from this bug soon!

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