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looonnng journey, 70lbs to go

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by weemissnaughty, 16 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    hiya, i've been doing slimming world on my own for a week and a half now (lost 7lbs the first week woo!) and thought that i would start a diary to keep me on the straight and narrow (hopefully!)
    today i had a really bad day at work today, my boss is an arrogant **** so surprised i didnt reach for a cream cake!
    for breakfast i had:

    1 satsuma and some strawberries and COFFEE! (hexa)

    lunch was a baked potato with some philly light and beans (hexa)

    dinner i made a home made stir fry thats 3syns worth with 70g of chicken

    i'm thinking of making myself a wee desert, something with weight watchers ice cream and yogurt mmm

    anyways! am i right in thinking that today is a green day?? i've never actually ate meat on a green day before as i'm too scared that i do it wrong!!!!
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  3. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member


    Great that you've started a diary.

    You look as though you have the meat on a green day thing totally sorted as far as I can see. Just a weighed out HEb amount with as much free on green food as you like. Looking good so far.

    Well done on the 7lbs in 1 week you MUST be doing it right. Wish I could get a loss but I feel so bloated that it can only be bad news tomorrow I fear.

    Love your rocky horror quote too. I may hev to start something equally inspirational or I might copy/knick yours. If you don't mind.:D
  4. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    Well done on your loss it is excellent. I managed 5lbs in 3 weeks.

    Your diary looks fine for Green day. you can have some meat on green day as long as you have it as part of your HEXB or syn. But from your diary it seems you had it as HEXB.

    It takes a little bit of time to get used to the plan. Also I understand the comment about your mananger. Every time he annoys you hold your hand out with your palm towards him and say peace be with you (obviously you got to be discreet). It works and you feel better (from healing point of view holding your hand towards him is like a shield - whatever he has said to you or done goes back to him).

    Hope you enjoy your dessert.

    Good luck
  5. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

  6. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    hey everyone, sorry had a busy few days including my nephews birthday party where i made a HUUUGE cupcake for him... purple patsy of course i dont mind you stealing it, share the rocky horror love :), flowery rosey thanks for the tip :) i shall try that..
    my boss was ok today but a nightmare yesterday, he has diabetes and doesnt control it (shovels so much rubbish into his mouth even i am like :eek: ) so then he gets grumpy and takes it out on the nearest person then once he makes them cry/upsets them enough he is happy for a few days... basically just a bully, i've applied to uni though so thats kinda keeping me going in a "i might not have to put up with you much longer" kind of way!

    anyway after much rambling/moaning... i was still good (even with the birthday party) up untill last night when i had a kitkat chunky caramel (mmm) a rocket ice lolly and some lotus biscuits.. my excuse is that it was weigh in day and i'd lost 3lbs so i was celebrating! :) enjoyed every bit of it though wheras before i'd have ate them without even noticing so its all good :)
    today for breakfast i had:
    two slice of small wm bread (hexb)
    two scrambled eggs with two medalians of bacon cut up through it with a little bit of cheese (hexa)

    an apple and a mullar light, then i had a sneaky mugshot when i got home from work cos i was hungry with some ham cut through it

    i'm having a braveheart burger from asda (syn free burger whoop :D) with slimming world chips and some friend mushrooms and onions and tomato sauce (1syn)

    i had a wee mini caramel (4syns) with a coffee but i'm going to try to keep my syns low to make up for last nights kitkat caramel (again... sooo worth it lmao <3) just went to lidl and got some raspberries and blueberries so might have some of that later to make up my 1/3 cos i've not done so good with the fruit and veg today hmm... mushy peas dont count do they? i could eat tins of them one after the other with loads of vinegar!
  7. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Well done on the loss. WTG.

    Your food sounds fab too. Braveheart Burger?? Not heard of those - going to Asda tonight, I'll keep a look out if I remember.
  8. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    they're in the fridge bit - by malcom allan, i got them off online shopping (Saves me buying goodies!) but a woman in my work got them from the store. theres a few different kinds, i got the ones endorsed by scottish slimmers cos thats the ones i know are free, they're nice, not amazing but good for a lazy day dinner :)
  9. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    I'll let you know what I think if I manage to find them. Mnn must look up syn value for sweetcorn relish. Probably not good - - - - -

    Oh not too bad. I can't remember which brand I have but most seen to be 1 syn for level TBSP (prob enough for 1 burger) Yippee

    Hope I can find them now as that would be tea sorted.
  10. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    i had it with spicy wedges and fried onions and mushrooms to try to make up 1/3 lol :D good luck lookin for them! hmm i've never tried sweetcorn relish, i use jalapeno relish nommy, love spicy stuff :) x
  11. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Teeth now watering - I'm off to Asda now can't wait any longer.:drool:
  12. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    hey did you find the burgers?? today i've been ok but in such a bad mood now, argued with the b.f and on the phone to a guy in a call centre lol but on plus side my boss was ok.... man i sound like such a moan on here but i've no one else to grump to! today i'm trying to have a green day
    magic porridge with an apple grated in and some berries

    baked potato, marg (2syns) beans and some cheese (hexa)

    i'm eating a marshells cheesy pasta just now (free) but i'm in one of those moods i just want to eat, even though i know it wont cheer me up lol but what i wouldnt do for a mint aero atm! trying to think of something else i can have later on that i'll enjoy thats free?? any ideas for comfort food?
  13. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Yummm!! Did find them. Had burger in bun (wmroll) Microchips & beans MMMMM!! & sweetcorn relish Fabby. Thanks for the tip.

    You're not a moan, you are merely venting your frustration. You'd explode if you didn't. Go right ahead. It's your diary if people don't like it they can stop reading.:rolleyes:


    Would WMN step away from the Aero.


    Sort of seriously though have you tried the SW style Eton Mess.

    Various recipes on here but I think it was

    Meringue nest broken up.
    Quark or 100% greek yog with white options stirred in and fruit of your choice and mixed up.:D

    Might hit the spot.

    Hope your weekend is fab and your day improves.:D
  14. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    thanx :)
    i've sort of made up with the b.f (he lives with me but has a tendency to dissapear to his mums for days on end and makes me feel like he's kinda using me when he's back cos he doesnt work) he's coming back tomorrow (only left this morning for a work placement) so feelin a bit better... i'm not having an aero but only because i'm in my jammies and cba getting changed lol! that eton mess sounds good but that would mean i left the house lol.... i have berries and toffee muller lights and some mini chocolates, think i'll have my fruit and yogurt then make a cup of green tea with a mini caramel or something - going to snuggle up in bed with my kittens and watch gone with the wind :) only had two syns today so have a bit of give with what i can have
    OMG just remembered i par boiled extra wedges last night.... can have chips and... something lol :D just need to figure out the something lol
    hows your day been?
  15. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Oh that sounds like luxury - You the cats & Rhett Butler

    As to going out for food it's nasty out and frankly my dear you don't give a damn - well not enough of one to go out.

    My day's been OK but is now about to improve as I'm off home now.

    Plan is to get my home internet working - famous last words - and get back to minis for more inspiration.

    Have a good one.
  16. NickiM

    NickiM Member

    hey I started two weeks ago just made a diary :) x x looks like your doing great :) x
  17. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    FYI - the Aero Lambs (for easter I guess) are only 7 syns if you have a real craving and some spare syns... ;)
  18. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    today was hectic at work, got a (hexb) piece and syn free sausage with tomato sauce (1syn) then didnt have a chance for anything else, when i got home i attempted to make an omlette with less eggs than usual and ended up with scrambled eggs with veg through, not quite what i was going for but tasted ok, and i'm making syn free curry for dinner with wedges and rice (even with both it has to be better than a take away!) only slight problem today is that on a saturday we're all given cream cakes to take home and i have a lovely creamy chocolate cake sitting waiting on me... since i've only had 1syn all day and ended up with 5 left over yesterday i think i might treat myself - it would be my first in a few weeks (including my nephews birthday where i resisted birthday cake) so might enjoy it later when watching a film with my b.f - not sure what to watch i have ben hur, dr zhivago (got them in a box set with my gone with the wind lol!) and the new fame to watch undecided what i fancy though... hmmm xxx
  19. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Hey, i ended up only eating a quarter of the cake... Today i have been ok...
    Breakfast was hexb bread with syn free sausage with 1syn ketchup and same of marge

    Lunch i had fruit and yogurt and a pasta and sauce

    Dinner i had homemade soup with loads of veggies in it

    Then i had one of those aero lambs (7) and reaaly want a mini choc bar (4) which keeps me under my 15syns but i feel really naughty if i do hmm... One last episode of torchwood and mini chomp methinks xxx
  20. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Well done on the damage limitation re the cake. And for syning you treats. Isn't slimming world grand the way it's so flexible.

    Which series of Torchwood are you on. I think I prefer the earlier ones. All Captian Jacks implied naughtiness but less of the visuals :rolleyes:
  21. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Im only on season one, im a huge dr who fan and bought the torchwood boxset (seasons 1-3) on impulse a while ago and i was watching the drs with captain jack in and fell back in love with him so started watching it tonight... Ooh theres visuals?? ;o) x

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