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Loopys sw thread!


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Hello lovely people!
Am new to sw and have been counting calories for a few weeks to lose a few pounds. My oh is wanting to do sw so I am going to join him for moral support and to hopefully help get a few more lbs off! Am going to start running more to try and get a bit fitter too. I aim to run 3 miles 3 times a week and follow sw! Wish us luck!
Loops xxx
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Day 1 - green all the way as I am a veggie
b apples, clementines, kiwi, toffee mullerlight yog
milk in tea - 2hea
l covent garden soup and apples and clementines - 2heb
d jacket potato beans and veg

have a great day people!


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Okay - after a bad couple of days I am ready to start sw properly. My oh has signed up to sw online so that will help with motivation. Am going to stick to this 100% and see what happens :)
B porridge -2heb
Milk in tea -2hea
Apples and clementines
Tea eggy risotto (utterly relish and free)
Tonight I am out on the town so will have 3 double Malibu and diet cokes which works out as 15 syns :)
Have run 5 miles today so am all endorphined up :)
Will dance loads tonight so that will burn off the lbs too :)


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Ended up having 2 double Malibu and a tequila shot. Brings syns to 15.5 but I am still happy with that and I danced my ass off so that has to be a good thing! Xxx


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Today's food so far:
Milk in tea - 1hea
B Eggs and beans on toast -1heb
L eggy risotto
D pasta veg and beans
Sn 1 yog and 2 Alpen light cereal bars - 1heb
1 options hot choc - 2 syns
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Havent updated for a while as I was calorie counting for a bit. I really want some proper meals again though so will do sw again from tomorrow. Also I find sw more economical on the penniescompared to my calorie counted food :)
Am on sw online too so looking forward to it :)


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Gosh, haven't updated for years!
Have got to goal doing cal counting and ww. Now I want to concentrate on healthy eating, stop the weighing and be able to cook healthy family meals :)
Here goes day 1....
B grapes, apple, activia 0% yog (not sure if this is free?!?)
L eating in a restaurant with my colleagues - jacket potato and beans, salad and dressing - counting 5 syns for the dressing as no idea what was in it!
D veggie pasta and an apple

Hex a - milk in tea and coffee
Hex b - oil in salad dressing (?)
Syns - 5

Worked a day shift in community nursing and then a twilight shift so a very long day of work and no exercise - oops!
I feel pleased that I picked a healthy option at lunch though :) and working from 9am until 10:30pm meant no snacking ???
Time for a well earned snooze and I hope to keep up the healthiness tomorrow!


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Plan for today!
B - fruit and activia 0% yog
L laughing cow light cheese sandwich, 0% yog and fruit
D love soya burgers (x2), veg and beans
Pudding - grapes and activia 0% yog
Hex a milk and laughing cow light
Hex b wholemeal bread

2 meatfree burgers- 1 syn
branston pickle - 1syn
total - 2 syns
Exercise - 3 mile run

its been a good day today :) buffet lunch with placement tomorrow so won't be able to stick to plan but I shall be mindful of what I stick in my gob!
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Happy Friday!!!
Plan for today is

B fruit and activia yog
L buffet lunch at work -grapes, small piece of French bread and approx 2 tbsp houmous , Apple, mullerlight yog
D sw chips, beans and veg (can't wait!!!)

Hexa milk in tea
Hex b bread and houmous at buffet lunch

Going to stay syn free all day so all syns on lunch!

Exercise - 3 mile run
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Happy Saturday!

Did a body pump class this morning and I can hardly lift my arms this afternoon!!

B apples and yog
L goats cheese salad in a French restaurant (utterly delicious!)
D munchy evening as main meal at lunchtime so prob fruit and yog or something free and snacky whilst watching films with the bf :)
sn hot choc - 5syns
sn laughing cow light cheese - 3syns
total - lots due to meal out!

No idea of lunchtime syns but I'm making sure I'm healthy the rest of the day :-D
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Had the best lay in this morning and now merrily watching the London marathon :)

Plan for today -
B eggs and beans on pitta
L meatfree burger, cheese, beans and veg - 3.5 syns
D jacket pot, veg and beans, fruit and yog

Hexa milk
Hexb pitta
Syns -3.5

Exercise - 6 mile run
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Long day at work tomorrow so planning ahead!
B fruit, yog and coco shreddies
L jacket potato, beans and veg, yog for dessert
D something free and quick
Sn 2 coco pops cereal bars

Hexa milk in tea and cereal
Hexb coco shreddies 70g as I only do green days so get 2 hex b - yum!
Syns - 2 coco pops cereal bars - 8 syns I think!

Exercise - 4 mile walk and 12.5 hr nursing shift :-D
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I'm really pleased I stuck to plan during my shift yesterday. By having loads of healthy food I didn't want to overindulge in biscuits etc that are always on the ward :)

Plan for today -
B eggs and beans on toast
L quorn sausages, cheese, beans and veg - 3syns
D jacket potato and beans, fruit and cherry underlayer mullerlight - 1.5 syns

Hexa milk
Hexb wholemeal bread
Syns - 4.5

Exercise - 5 mile run
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I've got 2 more long day shifts wed and thurs so plan will be the same on both days -

B fruit and yog, coco shreddies
L jacket pot, beans and veg
D free food dinner
Sn belvita biscuits - 12 syns

Hexa milk
Hexb 70g coco shreddies
Syns - 12

Exercise - 4 mile walk and walking all day on nursing shift

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