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Loose a jean size..


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Another few pounds and they will be fine, then before you know it they will be too big and round your ankles in asda....dont repeat my mistakes....keep trying them on every couple of weeks...dont pop them to the back of your wardrobe then get excited they fit and run down the aisle in a supermarket feeling them fall as you do so...people are not kind!
about 10lbs in a dress size chick :) x
about 10lbs in a dress size chick :) x
Hmm really? i fit into size 16 jeans now, but still a bit snug... i was size 18 before and i've lost nearly 2 stone?! :-\ same with tops, i'm fitting into 16 now too, but sometimes still have to go to that 18.. yet others 14 very weird lol!

Think it just depends on the individual tbh! good luck with the jeans :) you will soon be there i didn't think id ever get into the 16's! .. and i only just have :)


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Also depends on where the clothes are made.ones made in asian countries tend to be smaller than the ones made in a europe
Its usually about a stone for me before i drop a size. I dont see a change at around 9lb then all of a sudden i need a belt lol. Everybodies different though and depends where you buy clothes from too.

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