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loose skin after weight loss??


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apparently drinking loads of water and losing weight slowly is the best way to avoid lose saggy skin.

for me it will be inevitable - but then again it depends on how much i actually lose. i will deal with the problem when i get there i guess! my fella said he'd rather have a bit of excess skin on me than someone who's unfit and unhealthy and i totally agree with him.


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I am early into SW too so cannot comment but as SW has a more healthy weight loss I suspect that th saggy skin may not be too bad. toning exercises and fluids should also help. I have also heard that palmer firming lotion is an excellent product although I haven't used it yet so cant comment on it directly. xx


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I too am worried about the excess skin but that is a problem more common in really fast weight loss where your body doesn't have chance to catch up. As long as you do some toning exercises and drink plenty of water and lose at a steady rate you should be fine. The way I look at it, I will worry about it if and when I have to but I am keeping in mind that I may need parts surgically removed at the end!
I've got a little loose skin on my stomach, but I think mine was from my second pregnancy..I was the soooooooo big. Once Ive lost my last 2 stone I'm think of a tummy tuck.
i went to school with a girl who went from 16stone to 9stone in just over a year age 14ish, i know she has a lot of loose skin because of it however dont speak to her now so not sure whats happened, she did a lot of exercise to try and get rid of it but i think if you loose too quickly then your skin doesnt get a chance to suck in. exercise and water are meant to help but it just goes to show you should loose weight healthily and gradulaly.

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