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loose skin worry


has started again!!
I know this is utterly ridiculous but I am worried stiff about having lots of skin left over when I lose the weight. I have in total, around 10 stone to lose, and now, having lost about 2 and a bit, I feel my body is kind if softer and squishier(?)..

I am using Nivea Q10+ skin firmimg cream, and I massage my skin after every bath or shower, but when will I know for sure if my skin will shrink or stay as it is, just saggier?

I am sorry for this vanity, but I am so intent on actually letting the thin me inside finally appear, that the thought of being lost in folds of disgusting, floppy, flabby skin makes me totally terrified.:(
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The Diet Guy

I lost a similar amount of weight and to be honest I do have loose skin around my tummy and am booked in for a tummy tuck in june.

Don't worry about it though! Get some bio oil to stop stretch marks and try and do yoga/pilates to tone the muscle but don't let it stop you losing weight!!

Hi sez, I have around the same ammount of weight to loose and the saggy left over skin really worries me.I worry about in not only on my tum but also if I get it on the inside of my legs


Silver Member
I'm in the same boat, like bumpybean though I'm worried about my thighs ... in fact to be honest I think I'm more worried about my thighs than my stomach.

I'm also slapping firming lotion on a couple of times a day, I must smell like a chemist as I have one for firming my boobs, and one for my arms and body then I use another one at night .... and I always put it on my thighs!

I think this is prob a worry for most of us with lots to loose but I for one would rather have loose skin than not loose the weight but will, as & when I can afford it, definately have a boob job (could do with one now) & tummy tuck...keep massaging away though! Have you tried the red dove products...the body lotion is yummy!
Hi Sez,

As Mike mentioned - I found Bio Oil works a treat. Loose skin's one of the only downsides of losing weight, but I always tried to think in terms of the fact that I've never had a day when I looked good in a bikini, so I won't miss what I never had. I still have a bit of loose skin on my tummy even though I've put weight back on - I try and look at it with pride as I remember how it used to be padded out with fat.

I though that having the advantage of youth being on my side might help me with loose skin on my stomach, but apparently not!
My Stomach looks like a big splodge or dough that has been well kneaded and is ready for the oven!



The Diet Guy

That's what mine looks like, if I threw some cheese and tomato on the top I would look like a pizza.

I spoke to the woman on the Clarins counter today about the creams/gels/oils that I'm using to help combat loose saggy skin. She said the woman who sold me the extra firming cream shouldn't have done so but should have sold me the firming cream instead - apparently they both work differently and the firming cream is the best for if you're losing weight and trying to tone up. Wish it had been her I'd spoken to when I bought it (different store) .... she gave me a couple of samples of the new stretchmark cream to try too.. must have x-ray vision :)


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