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loose skin

omg that is so weird.i was thinking about this all day
and was going to post the same question.
I know my belly is so ugly now and i've only
been on cd for a few weeks.
I am exercising but i dont think the skin can keep
up with the rapid weigh loss we get on CD.
lol dee two mind thinking alike spooky lol... its a little concern of mind with all this weight too sift but hey i rather have lose skin then fat yes?
Yeah Michele, its true but you know... we either laugh or cry about it in this world, so might as well spread some smiles along our journeys to slimtown! ;)

I read that you want to achieve the mini-goal of getting to 19s, do you mind me asking how much you are at now?

I started roughly the same time with SS as you, so would be good to know fellow minimins are doing well too.
i,m 20 stone 11 lbs exactly
Ah, lucky you I need to shed 7 before I get that stage...

But hey, its all good, I was 29.9 and dropped to 27 all by myself, doing some exercise and eating less, but now work is taking all my time so stepped in SS to get me going through the motions :)

The aim is around 1.5 to 2 stones a month :)

What program you on?

By the way, regarding the saggy skin, there is a cream you need to use while doing this diet to help the skin regenerate faster, im gonna ask my gp for it as I just heard from a friend
what cream? spill... i,m on ss, but finding it hard but its only day 6


My husband = My hero
Hi love,

i was 20stone exactly, im now about 17st 3....

if you read my diary you will see im petrified of beng mor repulsed by my sagging 22 year old body than my fat one!

because of this im doing..

Zumba once a week,
5 minute ab work out daily
Swimming 64 lengths (1 mile) as often as possible...
body brushing daily startin today
using bio oil for my post baby stretch marks
and using nivea Q10 firming lotion after brushing..

i have today taken on the 30 shred which is cardio and toning to "hopefully" minimise flabbyness!!

if any of it works, you will be the first one i tell!!

ho r u managing zumba? i thought i was too big for it as so unfit


Girl on a mission
On any diet there is a risk of excess skin...but like lauren has pointed out there is things you can do to help it not being so sightly. Body Brushing is Amazing, And I swear by Firminator Cream by Soap and Glory and bio oil.

Age and how long you have been overweight all plays part in how your skin will react, but it does take a year or so for the skin to catch up.

I'd be interested in the Gp Cream, as several people in our area have had a gastric band/bypass and they all get follow up surgery to remove the skin 18 months after op.....so why aren't they given the cream:rolleyes: hmmm doctors and there secrets


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Zumab is fab babe!!

its full of people all walks of life... for once wasnt the biggest in the class!!

i started week one on cambridge as well and was fine, you just do what you can, you laugh all the way through its so much fun..

just go for it chick!
defo goin too!!!


My husband = My hero
aw fab!

let me know how you get on, promise you wont feel awkward or out of place, its just a load of people all there for the same reason... to loose weight, tone up and get fit!

This is why I workout like a maniac even though im on CD..my personal trainer has advised me to continue toning along with CD otherwise I will end up with loose skin. I hope I can avoid it as I would hate to have saggy bits :(


Now Maintaining :)
Having had a baby recently I was most worried about my stomach but it's looking great. No loose skin and it's pretty much flat and toned now. :)

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