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  1. stinkabell

    stinkabell Full Member

    My BIGGEST fear:argh: is having loose skin on my stomach and arms that just will never go away.

    I've always been big.. when I was 11 I was 11 stone.. it went up from there with age, I was 18 stone at 18.. and stayed there until I was 20... I then lost 2 and a half stone by myself and even with that I saw a massive difference in my skin.. My body has never been toned or *normal* so how does it know which way to go when I lose weight, especially as quickly as CD allows..

    I go to a gym.. tone my legs on the cross/running machine.. use a powerplate and swim with a float on my legs to concentrate on my arms... but what if this doesn't work?!

    What are your experiences with loose skin after weightloss.. did it make you feel hideous, did it not look as bad as you thought?!
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  3. Anisah

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    I just went and got some bio oil today. I think Ann used it and doesn't have any extra skin and she has lost over 100 pounds. I have until now have been using Avon lift and tuck and pure shea butter and so far I don't have extra skin either, but still have a lot to lose. Just stay hydrated and hope for the best. We can always hide the loose skin but can't hide fat. That's what I keep thinking anyhow. It's one of my fears too, so I am trying with all the weapons out there to combat it. LOL
  4. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    I'm exactly the same. I've never ever been thin. Or even normal. I'm sure my skin won't ping back - cos It has never had anything to ping back to!

    Bio oil and palmers! Thats my attack plan.
  5. stinkabell

    stinkabell Full Member

    what does bio oil do... the same as cocoa butter?
  6. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    I think it moisturises and tightens your skin. I am worried about this too, but as said above, it'll be easier to hide the skin than it is the awful fat that I have - it's certainly not going to stop me losing the weight, but I really hope that I don't have it - I am still young and I want to have a good body when I have lost weight. I will still have stretchmarks, but I can cope with that!

    I guess time will tell but fingers crossed the skin will be ok!
  7. saraian24

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    Ive heard if you drink plnty of water it will leave you with a lot less losse skin and unfortunately helps if your young as well :( im always guna have loose skin on my stomach but then ive had children!
  8. Lostris

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    I've heard you can spray and smear all the stuff on you want, if you're destined to have saggy skin you will ...

    It is one of my worries too, so despite hearing the ''spraying / smearing stuff won't help much''- story I still got some cremes and body lotion and such..

    I do however believe it has to do with your body. If you have a lot of striae (??) you're more likely to have saggy skin in those areas.. so if you rub something on yourself, be sure to rub it there too!
  9. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

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    I think i am going to have a bath in it!!
  10. EmmaLouise81

    EmmaLouise81 Full Member

    Well I have about 5 different products on the go at the moment, my biggest fear is my arms but will cross that bridge when I come to it.
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