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Lorraine's Pregnancy diary!

Hi there :)

After reading all of your diaries on here I thought it's about time I came to say hello to all of you! :wave_cry:

Also, I thought it would be pretty cool to start keeping a little diary of this pregnancy (my 4th) because so far this had been THE most eventful one to date!

Anyway, I'm Lorraine, a mother of 3 and 24 weeks pregnant with my 4th (a boy!) and so far, so good! I had quite a scare at 7 weeks when I had a bit of brown bleeding (sorry tmi) and was told by the head of department at my local hospital that I was having a miscarriage:cry:and whether I wanted a D&C booked or to let it happen naturally. I chose to let it happen naturally and by the time I went back in to have a scan to find out why nothing else was coming 'out', they found a little bean with a heartbeat :)! I'm convinced now that miracles do happen! And that doctors don't know everything and that scans are pretty inaccurate! Phew! So that's me!

I was a serial dieter, highest weight being 16 and a half stones, lowest weight being 10 stones! I've tried every diet going known to man! When I fell preggers I was 13 and half stones and now I'm 15 bang on :eek: So far I've put on a stone and a half and I'm only 24 weeks!!! I always tend to put on loads when I'm expecting but I fully intend to 'sort' it when my little miracle is born, and by doing that I mean, healthy eating and exercise! No more pills, soups/shakes and faddy diets!

I've had a bit of worry recently because at my 20 week scan baby was measuring slightly small on the abdominal circumference so I'm due for a repeat 'growth' scan next thurs to check babys measurements so I'm hoping he's caught up! But,like I said before I've not got that much confident in scans now anyway!

I just want to congratulate everyone who's reading this on their precious pregnancies and to wish you all the best!

Lorraine x
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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Congrats Lorraine and welcome!

What a journey you've had already! I hope the rest of the pg is much less eventful!
Thanks Shelbel and Sunflowers!

I'm feeling a little less anxious now that I've reached the 24 week mark!

I'm suffering with an annoying cold this week,I'm hoping that's it's not the dreaded swine flu because it left me feeling so rough the past couple of days.

I seem to be on the mend now so that's the main thing I guess!

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Purple Hugs

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Hi and Congratulations!
How scary to think you could have opted for a D&C! Just shows what the Dr's know sometimes eh! Hope your next scan goes well but sounds like perhaps your dates are just a little ahead of beanie could be possible.

Welcome to the board, and your diary! I'm sure it'll be fab. 1.5 stone isn't too bad for your gestation - I'm at just over 2 stone at almost 33 weeks! lol Like you, going to sort it out after. I was on cambridge when I fell pregnant and was just over 12 and a half stone. Although I gained a few lbs before I found out I was pregnant lol.

Look forward to seeing you around the board. :)
Thanks Kirsty! I'm due on the 15/02/10! It seems ages away but I know it'll fly by, especially with xmas looming!

Well, today has been like a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm feeling quite emotional for some reason??? What is it about pregnancy which means that other people suddenly totally discredit how you feel and put everything down to 'hormones'?!! Argghh! Every damn thing I say, do or think is not down to my hormones for goodness sake! Ah, that felt better! But do I bother explaining that to my mother or the OH....nope, because then I'm accused of being 'over-sensitive'...due to my pregnancy of course! I just can't win! So yes, it's been one of those days, having phone arguments when the OH isn't even here! Fun...not! I've just got to try and chill out and not get stressed because the last thing I want is for baby to get stressed.

On a more positive note, I'm finally showing a lovely rounded bump and I love it! Because I know this is the last time I'm likely to be pregnant again, I'm totally embracing the whole experience more than ever. I'm enjoying wearing all different styles that show of my mummy curves and flicking through all of the baby catalogues making endless lists of things that I'll need once bubs arrives...can't wait! I must admit that I'm already having great difficulty thinking of boy's names! For some reason I find it so easy thinking of girls names that I love but hey, I got plenty of time to come up with something eh!

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Thanks Purple Hugs! Congrats!

Yes, it is WELL scary to think that little bean was in there safe and sound and yet doctors were making plans to terminate the pregnancy basically...headshake. It has made me a bit obsessed to be honest! I'm forever anxious about bubs now and get really nervous before scans whereas with my other 3 I didn't really worry too much about them.

As for next weeks scan, well, it can't come quick enough! I'm literally counting down the days! My bump has definately got bigger so that definately reassures me heaps.

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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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((hugs)) your fears and anxiety are completely understandable. I had an early miscarriage a few years ago and have been terrible for fears this time that I didn't have with my eldest. We adopted our younger daughter. Lots of relaxation breathing is my tip. ((hugs)) and remember the key signs you are having, feeling bubs and growing. All great signs.
As for hormones oh goodness they're awful aren't they! lol
Hey Kirsty! 2 stone is not bad at all for 33 weeks! It's funny when people keep asking me whether I've had any cravings! I tell them that I have cravings everyday of my life! Pregnancy has nothing to do with it! Literally I'm always craving something which could explain why I'm always on a lifelong diet lol!

I do want to try and get a bit more active now actually so next week I'm back at aqua aerobic with the over 55's! They really are a lovely bunch and it does work me into quite a sweat! I've been so busy for the past few weeks that I haven't been but I'm defo getting back into it along with more walking. I get quite bad sciatic pain in pregnancy so it really helps to keep myself moving or else I tend to seize up and then when I do get moving again, I'm doubled up in pain!

As for girl's names I quite like Khloe or maybe Ella? I know exactly what you mean about liking a name 1 minute and then hating it the next! And then when other people suggest names that you don't like and then you don't want to offend them by saying 'oh I hate that' so then you just say 'hmmm that's an idea' because you don't want to offend them!!! Or, is that just me?! My friend suggested a name to me the other day and it happened to be her son's middle name and I stupidly said 'oh I don't like that one at all'...I felt awful afterwards because I had no idea it was her son's middle name! Let's just say, you live and learn...now I'm much more tactful!

Anyone else out there got pregnancy brain (or lack of it!)? I did something quite shameful the other day and went to collect the kids from school and totally forgot about getting my youngest!!! I didn't get as far as to go out of the school gates but I was heading into that direction! It was only when I saw another mum with a child in her class that I remembered! Oh dear! What the heck has happened to me?!!

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Hi Lorraine! Welcome to our little pregnancy corner :D

Sorry to hear you had such a horrific experience with regards to the doctors assuming the worst but thank goodness everything has turned out for the best. :)

I know how you feel about counting down the days to your scan. I have my 12 week scan on the 9th and I'm literally chomping at the bit to see how things are going and just to have that piece of mind that little bean is OK!
We'll get there eventually though :D

How is your cold? Are you feeling any better and do you know if cough sweets such as "tunes" or "soothers" are allowed for us when pregnant? I have a cold too and wanted to get some, but seeing as they are slightly medicated, I didn't want to get them if I wasn't allowed.

Any plans for your weekend at all? :) xx
Thanks Abbie and Congrats! :)

What are we like eh! Counting down the days to our scan, it's nice to know I'm not the only one obsessing over it! Sometimes I wish that I had one at home so I could check myself! I know...I'm ridiculous! Well, hey tomorrow is November so we're getting there!

Today has been hard! I'm used to driving everywhere (which is bad I know!) but car was out of action so I had to go into town for a few bits, you know, the usual, butchers, supermarket and other things. Let's just say, with 2 kids under the age of 5, only 2 pairs of hands and 10 bags aswell as an ever expanding bump and the usual saturday shoppers rush I honestly thought I'd never make it back home in one piece! Luckily, I did but I won't be repeating that experience again for a while! It was a nightmare! On the plus side I've got some beautiful lamb steaks to have for dinner and I'm allowing myself a glass of red with it (1st drink I'll be having in this pregnancy!). I'm not a drinker but for some reason I've been really wanting some red wine lately so I'm looking forward to that!

Kids are back at school this week so I've got a pile of school uniform just glaring at me screaming 'iron me now!' so that's the adgenda for tomorrow...exhilirating!

I'm suffering from pregnancy insomnia right now...anyone else? I'm up at all kinds of hours during the night and just can't sleep through, last night I woke up at 2.30am and didn't fall back to sleep until 5am, I just can't seem to get back into any kind of 'normal' sleeping pattern and once bubs arrives things will get even more eratic but I can't wait!

As for the cold, I've recovered! I'm feeling normal again not a stuffed up, coughing, sniffing mess! When my nose was blocked I was really needing some nasal drop stuff I had in my bathroom but it said not to take if pregnant so obviously had to pass on that, honey and lemon and a couple of paracetomol and a load of oranges was the only things that got me through in the end!

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Thanks Alibambino and congrats!

Your son is so right about that pregnancy brain! And I know what you mean about the raging hormones, I think us women always have raging hormones it's just that when we're pregnant they're alot worse!

Just 2 more days until my scan! I'm overly anxious about it and just praying all is well...I just can't seem to think of anything else! Otherwise I'm feeling okay, I've been sleeping through the night lately so that's something! Pregnancy insomnia seems to have eased off which is good. It looks like I'll be moving home soon, just waiting for the usual paperwork and official bits to be dealt with, I was hoping it would be after christmas but it will be later this month so I'll have my work cut out for me with packing etc etc. Nightmare! But on the plus side, by the time bubs arrives we should've settled in and hopefully all the decorating will be done. So this month will be a busy one.

Physically I'm feeling quite energetic but yestoday I noticed that my toes were a bit swollen, I was terrified I had pre-eclampsia but today they look less like mini sausages and have gone back to their normal size! I suppose it was due to me doing endless chores and not finding the time to sit down and relax...note to self...regular sit down breaks in future!

Hi Alibambino! The scan went well, thanks for asking!:) How are things going with you?

Haven't posted for a while, been quite tired and lethargic lately, I had my energetic spell which literally lasted for a week and now I'm back to dragging my heels again! Scan showed that bubs is growing at a good steady pace although is still slightly small, which I'm really confused about because the scan showed that he is by the measurements bubs is 3 days more than my dates...if that makes sense! Basically I'm 100% certain of my dates and the scan shows bubs is measuring 3 more days old basically, so how can he be small for his dates?!? I don't know...my brain is a bit fuzzy lately so perhaps that's why I'm not getting it! Overall, things look fine, so far, so good so I'm happy!

I'm now at the point of really thinking about what I'll need for baby once he arrives so I'm looking at doing a nursery plan with Mothercare, I'm under the impression I can choose things like a cot,moses basket, pram etc and pay down gradually which suits me fine because I'd prefer to pay down slowly and by the time february comes I'll be more than prepared! I cannot wait!:p

I've got another scan early december for reassurance and that's when I next see my midwife so I'm already counting down the weeks for that!

I've not posted for a while because I've been soooo busy! I've just been well, sort of, lurking around and doing the odd post! :D

To be totally honest, I'm feeling flippin exhausted! Endless things to do, things to pay for and appointments to get to, I can honestly say that I'm zapped! Well, pregnancy is so far so so good, will be 30 weeks in a few days and it feels so much more reassuring to be finally into my 3rd trimester, yay! Symptoms this week are the most horrendus leg cramps! My legs feel like I've just ran the New York marathon 3 times over! No kidding! I've decided that my bed just ain't helping my situation, it's making my whole body ache and trying to get myself out of bed each morning is getting more and more of a challenge! I've been meaning to get a new bed for ages but just haven't gotten around to it for some reason or another but I ordered one on Friday so in the next 2 weeks I'll be sleeping in comfort again...oh I remember those days!

I've got a scan on Monday to check on babys growth as his stats have been measuring slightly smaller since my 20 weeks scan although growing at a good, steady pace. I'm always nervous before scans so I'm counting down the hours until I can see bubs and hopefully be reassured that everything is okay:)

Saw my useless midwife on Friday and I've come to the conclusion that in all of my 4 pregnancies I have never come across a nice, thorough midwife who actually looks like she cares remotely for her job or patients! It's really bad but in my case it's true. Mine doesn't like to give out any information, has zero bedside manner and always keeps me waiting at least half hour after my scheduled appointment times! I had to ask her for a Health in Pregnancy grant form and the reluctance she showed in signing it had to be seen to be believed!!! And I know that when I get onto that hospital post-natal ward it'll be much of the same! It's a shame that I and alot of other women like myself have not had a positive experience with midwives and I honestly believe that they ain't what they used to be although obviously somewhere out there, there are decent ones...I've yet to meet them!

Right that's my rant over! On the plus side I went out for a lovely Thai meal with a teacher friend of mine on thursday and I must say it was delicious! I seem to be craving alot of fast food at the moment which I know is bad for my figure but just too hard to resist! I also think that me, not being bothered to actually go into the kitchen and cook anything has got alot to do with it lol!

Bought some baby things this week too! A couple of sleepsuits, vests and a tommy tipee steam steriliser and I must say that I'd forgotten how much fun baby shopping is! All those cute, little outfits! It's so tempting to want to buy up the whole store! I've still got loads more stuff to get but I'm trying my best to wait until January when the sales are on and I'm a bit more further along.

Until next time...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
Hi great to see you back! :D

What a shame about your MW.. and that you've been unlucky 4 times over.. :( My first MW I saw all the way through every week.. but honestly had NO relationship at all, and she really was a wet fish. She was there for some of my birth but it made no difference when she went. I knew as much about her as I did the MW who took over.. her name! lol
I'm lucky I guess this time as have a team of 4 community midwives and am midwife led care hoping for a home birth - so no consultant (touch wood). I have met 3 of them and spoken to the other one, all are lovely. One is very 'efficient' in that her clinic NEVER runs over, and she can seem a bit abrupt - which did put me off her a bit but we had time for a chat one week (as she was ahead of schedule) and I went through my home birth with her as she is definately going to attend me even if not on duty - as she lives closest to me. well my goodness by the time I left that day my view completely changed for the better, she was so much less 'prickly' and really knew her stuff! lol I wish my DH had been there that day but I relayed it all to him, so we're quite looking forward to her arriving now. I know also if I need a kick up the bum she'll be the one to do it! lol

Anyway.. glad you are enjoying baby shopping! I have saved a lot of clothes shopping till after baby has arrived - as will know for sure she's a girl and have the 'fun' of shopping.. my DH remembers full well what I was like when I had my eldest! lol

January sales.. shops like Monsoon well they're not to be missed eh! lol

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