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Lor's "determination central" Diary

Backdating a little...

Monday 23rd August 2010 GREEN

Been doing Slimming World Green for 6 days and lost 8lbs, YAY
Not really been 100% tho, not had all HE’s and as usual spent most of my Syns on vodka!!!

It’s my second time doing Slimming World, but after following WW the lack of ready meals and unwillingness (though I at the time called it lack of time) to cook, ment I only lasted a short while. I actually like cooking though and feel this time I have a better grip on the plans. Stock cubes are now free too…. Great for a non-veggie quorn lover.

Gonna track my self a bit better, might even publish it on mini mins for feedback. The first week is always easy for me and big loss no effort, but if gonna do it long term need a decent record, so here goes……..
Did I mention, start weight, 14st 12 or 208lbs, I did nearly passed out when I saw the scales!!! I was feeling awful, no clothes fitted properly and my energy was zilch, the scales translated beautifully the cause for this.

Oh and as I have decided to post my diary, the most obvious thing is the severe lack in the brekkie department!! I know I need to sort this, but I have never really managed to eat anything before 11am my whole adult life, even when I up at 7am ish most days. Will keep trying…..

Weight 14st 4


Strawberrys, melon and tinned grapefruit (2) Chicken Noodle mugshot

D WW med veg pasta (1.5) yukky, courgette and sweetcorn
Vodka and D coke (10)
Fibre + HEB 1 slice w-meal nimble HEB
1 laughing cow blue HEA- love these!

HEB Fibre +
HEB 1 slice w-meal nimble ½ HEB
Syns 13.5
B. Magic 0
Feeling -Groovy- even b4 the voddie
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Tuesday 24th GREEN


L Spinach and ricotta (85g HEB) pasta, herbs and a small onion
Not really cheesy enough, would ave been v disappointed if ricotta syned!!
D Pasta, mushrooms, quark, 3x laughing cow blue, tasty, HEA
Snacks Frozen activia, almost like ice-cream, 4 plums. Fibre +
HEA laughing cow blue
HEB Ricotta
HEB Fibre +
Syns Vodka 5
B. Magic 0
Feeling- Motivated today defo

Wednesday 25th GREEN

L thin ½ of the pizza base HEB, made with 75g Tesco crusty mix, spread with a hint of quark and made into breakfast pizza with 2 quorn sausage, a tomato, mushrooms and 2 fried eggs, yum yum!!
D ½ Pizza base HEB, ½ fat mozerella HEA, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and onion. Sauce:- went for fresh toms and oregano, see syns lol, with SW chips and salad
Snacks 2 ½ quorn sausage, 3 plums, 1 quorn sausage
HEA ½ fat mozerella
HEB ½ of the pizza base
HEB ½ of the pizza base
Syns Voddie 15
B. Magic 0
Feeling- So glad to have found pizza bases from crusty tesco bread mix!!!
Thursday 26th GREEN

L ½ pizza base HEB with mushrooms, eggs and 2Quorn saus, 1 LC blue
D WW mac n cheese, umm nice (4) and salad
HEB ½ pizza base
Syns Voddie 10 again ooppss + mac cheese 4 =14
B. Magic 0
Feeling- Not ate enough, but too tired and too late now, worked 2-9.30 and was v. busy!

Friday 27th Extra Easy

L half pizza base HEB, egg salad Activia and an apple
D Smoked mackerel (3), noodles, broccoli, mushrooms, toms and chilli, coolio quark on the side
Snacks Prawn stir-fry. Toms, mushroom, worster sauce, ½ chilli and noodles
HEB half pizza base
Syns Mackerel 3, voddie 15 (18)
B. Magic 0
Feeling- Ate more today, but think the prawn stirfry was just because I ended up on an EE day because I could have the accidentally purchased SMOKED mackerel. Need to chill on the voddie consumption too!!!
Saturday 28st GREEN


L Boccoli and LC blue soup, yum yum HEA
D SW chips, coleslaw, onion marm (1) HEA+B 56g cheddar
Snacks Mackerel fish cakes (1) ditched as cous cous too crunchy!! Was gonna be my dinner, but hay ho back to the kitchen! Activia and 3 plums
HEA LC cheese
HEB Cheddar
HEB Cheddar
Syns 2
B. Magic 0
Good on the whole… disappointed about the fishcakes, but was like eating birdseed. Dinner was amazing hope I don’t regret the cheese. Ordered Wii biggest loser, only a tenner, need to kick start exercise somehow. Was going to walk and listen to podcasts, but can I f**k get itunes working on the virus ridden lappy!!
Sunday 29th August 2010 GREEN


L Jacket spud, 42g reduced fat cheddar, home-made coleslaw mix-without any dressing (can’t find one I like, so just have a little S+P on it) an LC blue(1.5) and red onion marm (1/2 a syn as I made it with apple) Lush Lunch!
D Crab linguine, side of stir-fried veg
Snacks 3 Plums, Fibre + bar
HEA RF cheddar
HEB Crab 120g – shame to open another tin for 22g
HEB Fibre + bar
Syns 2
B. Magic Wii fit- Step 2mins, Advanced step 5mins and 10 mins free jog. Tricep curls 20 reps each side

Syns for the week 69.5/105

Had a sneaky weigh this morn –4, but the scales did flicker so hoping will be -5 by tommoz!!

Made a batch of onion marmalade, as I liked the tester I did yesterday muchos. The recipe I found calls for apple vinegar, which A. tesco’s hadn’t got and B. sounds expensive. So I brought a Bramley for 26p, which when I weighed it equalled 5 syns. With a kilo of onions I filled a large mayo jar with enough left for generous portion with lunch.
Whoop whoop, did some exercise too, at last!!! My Mii got fatter, damn, but my wii fit age dropped a year to 38, not bad at 35 and v. over-weight.
….. and thanks Nigella (tv chick) for the crab recipe, which with a bit of pasta liquor to replace the huge amount of olive oil, and tinned crab, was lovely.
Good start but all got a bit risky!!!!

Monday 30th August 2010 EE

WEIGHT 13st 13
LOSS/GAIN –5 wow as I have eaten loads of real food

I’m off workie this week, yerrrr! Followed by 2, maybe 3 or 4 weeks on nights Yuk yukky. I’ve dieted and done nights before, think I will be sticking to GREEN for night shift weeks, loads of easy packet stuff and the extra B makes snacking easier. For this week as I have time to faff, so gonna go EE fish week, aiming for a 3-4 lb loss before the vampire shifts!! Also hiding the vodka till the weekend, after last night using 25 syns!! Pub measures so super accurate, but still amazingly 94.5/105 syns for the last week, not much room for error!!

B Activia and 2 Clementines- Who am I kidding? ate it at 12.30pm lol
L Salmon linguine, mange tout, onion and corn
D Salmon and roast veg risotto
Snacks beef oxo drink
HEA RF cheese on risotto
HEB Fibre +
Syns 0
B. Magic 20 min walk

Bit of a difficult day, don’t feel that well, kinda tired and run down, no idea why. And ten mins after the shops shut as it’s bank holiday my craving for a beefburger began to increase, (had it for 4-5 days on and off). But with no where to buy decent meat, had thoughts of getting one delivered and as I hadn’t yet used any syns the temptation grew…… I dug though the freezer, found nothing meaty, only quorn burgers, no way gonna be the same, so I had a beef oxo drink in what I thought was a futile attempt at a meat fix, but it must have worked. A wow on the will-power scale for me and 15 syns in the bank for tommoz, when I will go buy some lean mince and cumin, so if I get tempted again I will make one. No dodgy take-away and syn guessin involved.
Tuesday 31st August 2010 EE

L salmon and baked aubergine risotto ( 2) for LCow ex L x2
D SW style pizza burger, HEB+HEA+ (6), h/m coleslaw mix and SW roasties
Snacks Homemade smoked salmon pate, syn free, and crudites
HEA RF chedder 42g
HEB WM bread
Syns Voddie 15 + 8 total 23
B. Magic 25 min walk

Blew fish week “out of the water” so to speak, along with a most of my saved syns to host impromptu girlie poker nite. I cooked late dinner and Sw friendly snackage for all, and it went down v well, but then there was the voddie!! Thought I was too old to succumb to peer pressure!! All faithfully syned tho and well worth the laughing till crying.
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Wednesday 1st September 2010 EE

Morning sneaky weigh not a good experience +1, but did eat a lot last nite at late o’clock. Also been thinking that I have spend too much time on my butt, as not at workie, which has been quite demanding recently.

B Activia FF – at 10.30, at record!! “Feel bloatified” hence the activia and need to buy fruit
L fridge concoction, cold roasties, salmon pate (syn free), coleslaw mix and 2 boiled eggs
D new pots, smoked cod and baked beans
Snacks a clementine
Syns 0
B. Magic 2x 30 min brisk walking

Had saved my HEA+B and syns for film nite snackage with my son, at first I was still full from dinner, then whether it was the walking or the “excitement” of Harry Potter 6, I was so too tired to even walk to the kitchen!
Thursday 2nd September 2010 RED

Having a BBQ later so going for a red day rather than EE so I can have 2 rolls. Never done a red day so here goes…… Spent a long time, planning, syn checking, shopping and prepping to cater for all and keep syns in check. This could so go pear-shaped!!!!

L Smoked cod, 2 poached eggs and tin of toms, not bad, filled a gap!!!
D 1 w/m roll HEB I h/m beef and 1 lamb burger, a chicken quarter, no skin, a veg kebab, RF cheese HEA and syn free ketchup
Snacks Vodka 25- well it was a party!! Fibre plus
HEA Cheese
HEB Roll
HEB Fibre plus

Syns 25
B. Magic
Weekly syns 48/60

On feet virtually all day!! Kids, shoppin, food prep, but all good I think!! …..and plenty of leftovers for an easy day tommoz on the cookin front. Stuffed at the mo, so could ave ad an EE day as ate only one roll in two halves and actually still ave at least ½ of my HEA of cheese in the fridge.

Managed to sneak in a Fibre plus while I was reading my book in bed.
Thanx shelly :)

Friday 3rd September* EE

L risotto with veg kebabs and skewered chicken (bbq leftovers)
Snacks Nectarine, an activia FF, a plum
B. Magic
Weekly Syns 48/75

Been struck down with the “the summer cold”, which appears to be armed with razor blades for the throat and a lovely constant sicky feeling. So the rest of my days intake consisted off, paracetamols and fresh lemon in tea or diet tonic water. GGRRRR, praying for overnight recovery.
Saturday 4th September 2010* GREEN

OMG still feeling double yukky!

L wholemeal pitta, 2 laughing cow blue, tom and Q, pud-banana
D SW chips, egg and mushy peas
Snacks Sugar free cough mix and Halls
HEA 2 LC blue
HEB W/M pitta
Syns 8.5 for the cold stuff apparently- PMSL, ouch that makes me cough!!
B. Magic
Sunday 5th September 2010* GREEN

L Cheese n broc, pasta n sauce ½, 3 quorn sausages and a small tin of corn
D chicken chow mein (9) boiled rice
Snacks Choc brownie options (3)

Syns 12
B. Magic
Weekly syns 72/105

Awful day, still feeling like death warmed up, then found my self starving at late o’clock, so ordered takeaway. Within syns but no healthy extras, also not really sure what what day I was following TBF!! Doctors tommoz I think. Weigh and new week tommoz also, hopefully will feel able to move, as back at workie on the night shift.

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