lose muscle?


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No, it's not true. Too much protein. Everytime anyone loses weight, they will lose fat and a little muscle. The leaner you get, the more muscle you lose.

With diets such as LL/LT/CD the protein is higher so that you actually lose more fat and less muscle than most diets :)


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thanks for your help, it's something that really scared me!!


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I think there are alot of scare stories out there. We can't 'burn' muscle so its impossible to lose it.

When/if you see your advisor they should give you an information sheet/s on the science behind it.

I learn so much just reading that, about the glycogen stores, glycogen/water and fat in each fat cell etc. Its good to have a background and something that gives answers.

I often think back to the time I had my gallbladder out. I was taken in with pancreatitis because a stone had passed in there) I wasn't allowed to eat for a week before my op. They put me on a drip, and nil by mouth accept black tea or coffee. I wasn't hungry at all and I lost weight too. Lipotrim i guess is not that different. If a hospital can pump vitamins minerals etc into patients longterm (think coma, lifesupport patients) then it cant be a bad thing and it must work!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Finally i feel I have found a way to become who i am with no pressure of 'being on a diet'

Hugs :)