Losing 5 stone before trying for a baby

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  1. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to lose 5 stone before trying for a baby. I know I could probably try now at the weight that I am but I want to be as healthy as possible before trying for the sake of my health and my baby's. I have lost 9 pounds so far (by running-I am doing a half marathon next weekend- and healthyish eating) but that is since March and so it has been coming off very slowly and I have been getting a bit despondent. I thought I would start a thread on here to track my progress and hopefully meet others with similar goals. After my half marathon I plan on going to the gym/swimming/running at least every other day for approx 1hour and perhaps tracking calories on Food Focus. My main focus will be on doing lots of exercise rather than going on a strict diet which I have tried before and which made me very obsessive about food which led to me quickly regaining the weight once I got to my target weight.

    Good luck everybody with your weight losses and I will check in again soon...
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  3. aesir22

    aesir22 Silver Member

    Don't forget that diet is key to fat loss, not exercise. Exercise helps but the food you eat is most important. Don't be obsessive, just be sensible :) I find eating little and often works well :)
  4. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Absolutely right - it's said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise (in my case 100% diet, lol), so it's absolutely essential to face those food demons, or you won't be doing yourself or your future child any favours, I'm afraid. :( xx
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Just one of the many websites which mention the 80/20 rule:


    By the way, have you checked out the Trying To Conceive forum on here - I think there are people on there who are preparing for conception too.

    All the best. xx
  6. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Aesir is spot on

    You need to restrict your food intake first and foremost - id set out to lose the majority of your weight via low cal/ low ish carb healthy eating and then add in exercise further down the line .

    I am now 9 stone 12 but was 15 stone 3 in may 2011. I run now and do weights but it was kinda pointless back then.

    Good luck
  7. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Thank you very much for all your advice. I will certainly aim to eat healthily and Tracy thanks for mentioning the Trying to Conceive forum- I will check that out once I meet the required number of posts. I will definitely be keeping up the running though- I am training for a marathon in the spring (and for that reason wouldn't consider a low carb or very low calorie diet as I need the energy to be able to run properly). I will go for calorie tracking on Food Focus instead. Well done everyone on your weight losses- very inspiring!
  8. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Thanks! I don't think anyone was suggesting you shouldn't pursue your exercising, just that it can't be the major focus of any weight loss plan - luckily for me, as I can't exercise for health reasons! My six stone has come off entirely through dietary means, but unfortunately the same doesn't really apply to exercise (not if you have quite a lot to lose). But here's no doubt whatsoever that lots of exercise will help you get in good shape for the hard work that is pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood (assuming this will be your first child?). :) xx
  9. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    I completed the Great North Run in just over 3 hours with my husband and we had a fantastic day, the atmosphere was brilliant. Hopefully my running speed will increase a bit with more training and as I lose some weight. I have lost another 2 pounds since I last posted on here, so fingers crossed I will get to the stone mark soon.
  10. purplekylie22

    purplekylie22 Full Member

    Just my 2 cents here. But I find it helps when you stop thinking of it as a diet. After all a diet is something that is just for a short period of time. Most of us with weight problems will regain if we are on a *diet* because when you reach goal you eat whatever you want. Well you cant do that. This is a life style change to help you during your entire life. You may reach your goal weight but you will still need to learn to maintain which means you cant eat whatever you want all the time, you will always have to focus on your eating.

    Looking at it as a lifestyle change has helped me, its got me more focused rather than looking for an end :)
  11. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    I agree with this totally. I lost 5 stone before on a "diet" and then I put it all back on and more. Now I have had to accept this is a lifestyle change and something I will have to keep too even when I reach my target.
  12. ajefitness

    ajefitness Member

    I personally wouldnt agree with the 80/20 that that website states and others do. I wouldn't put a percentage terms on it. I believe when losing weight obviously diet is crucial but exercising is also a major part, not only for helping to lose the fat but in terms of being overall fit and healthy and receiving all the other health benefits exercise brings. In terms of just specific fat loss then maybe it is correct but I would not look at t in terms of just fat loss I would recommend a complete lifestyle change not just for fat loss but for a healthier life and also keeping the fat off. Exercise brings many benefits that nutrition alone does not. Building muscle for example helps burn more fat. being fitter and having a higher metabolic rate helps burn a lot more fat 24/7. Being fitter means you have a higher VO2 max( the amount of oxygen your heart can bring in) Oxygen metabolises fat. The 80/20 may be correct in terms of science for specific fat loss but I would not suggest to anybody just to use diet as a means of fat loss I would urge everyone where possible to have exercise plans. You will be fitter and healthier and slimmer for it :)

    Aje Fitness
  13. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    You're quite right, of course, but I don't exercise on medical grounds. I've lost 100lbs so far, through dietary control, and was just making the point that you can lose weight without exercise, but without controlling your eating habits you won't get very far at all. But I do agree is that the best way is to address both. x
  14. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Thanks for the info AJEFitness. Just a quick update- I have lost 1 stone 3 pounds now so am making slow, steady but sustainable progress which I'm quite happy with :).
  15. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    I have lost 1 stone 6 pounds in total now. Gained 3lbs over Christmas but kept up the exercise and have lost that 3 pounds again as of today. Bring on 2013- hopefully I will reach my goal and start trying for a baby this year!
  16. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Also I now comfortably fit into a nice pair of work trousers and 2 pairs of jeans that hadn't fitted for some time too, which is nice!
  17. Purfeckshun

    Purfeckshun Full Member

    Wow well done! Particularly for losing the Christmas weight so fast also.

    I also am looking to lose 5 st but just to become the person my husband ( and I) deserve. And our future children one day lol x
  18. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Thanks Purfeckshun! I have now lost 1 stone 8 pounds and am no longer obese and have lost 10% of my original body weight. I still have just over 2 stone to lose to be healthy and ultimately I would like to lose just over 3 1/2 stone which would take me to the weight I was in sixth form and a size 12. Very happy with how I'm doing sp far though...slow and steady wins the race!
  19. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    I have now lost 1 stone 10 pounds- so am over a stone lighter than when I started this thread back in September :). And I now weight 13 stone 13- so glad to be under the 14 stone mark!
  20. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Stil on the same weight but I am definitely looking slimmer this week, especially around the stomach. And I ran a PB for 5km yesterday (recent PB anyway): 36:31. Looking forward to my times dropping as the weight comes off. My goal is to do it in 30 mins by the end of the year.
  21. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    I have stayed the same weight for about 2 weeks now. In that time though I have been out for a huge afternoon tea for my dad's birthday, had plenty of birthday cake, chocolates etc for my own birthday and been out for 2 lovely meals. I am going to try really hard to eat healthily and keep up the exercise and I'm sure the weight will start shifting again!

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