Losing bra sizes!


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I have always wanted to reduce my arm and bra cup sizes- and that is one of my main aims on this diet- I know exercise will help with it- and stop with the 'sagging' but I am still worried.

I am 21- I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the diet- has helped in terms of bust size- and whether it resulted in any sagging?


PS: Extremely sorry for the nature of the thread- but I can't exactly go and ask this in the middle of my group :D
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I think it's probably different for everyone, but if they're going to sag, then other than exercise or surgery there's not much we can do about it other than buying lovely new underwear!

I wouldn't worry about it too much, and see what happens!


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Hey, I am nearly 3 stone down, and I havnt dropped as much in chest sizes as waist/hips, I'm so mad because I look out of proportion,smaller waist, big boobs which make me still look fat :(

I've exercised since day 1 of SW and he puppies are still standing to attention:)


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I have one A and one B :eek: The A still passes the pencil test, I'm 60.


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I have dropped from a 38DD to a 34B (i am deeply disappointed about that) and they aren't anywhere near as perky as they were. However, the rest of me looks so much better that I'm dealing with the small useless (imo) bewbies.


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Thanks guys for all the answers :) I am fond of my breast ( as is my dear bf) and just want to keep them in good shape thats all! I can't believe bunny that you want to go down to an A cup!!! That's tiny- girls are meant to have curves you know!


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It doesn't make a woman any less of a woman to have smaller cup sizes you know :p.

Personally I have gone from a 42C to a 38D, but I've been a breastfeeding mother and there has been some sagging with the weight loss. But that's what push you up bras are for - and now I can fit in them! Cleavage ahoy! (Even if it is "enhanced.") Just a good job the OH knows not to expect miracles when the scaffolding comes off :D


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It doesn't make a woman any less of a woman to have smaller cup sizes you know :p.

Hear Hear MLM!!

I have gone down from a 36/8B even some shops a C to a 36A. sob! I cant say im happy about it, but since the rest of me has shrunk too, I guess I am still in preportion?!

BTW - I wish my bottom shrunk as much as the 'girls'! lol!


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Well I supposed everyone to their own- I had huge bamboozas for as long as I know and can't wait to get be able to walk into a shop and buy standard size bras.

I am currently a G cup- how long did it take people to change bra size? and does back size change before cup size or is it all just randomified?


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I cannot wait till I can buy Wonderbras again - they are the only ones which have ever managed to work on my sagging excuses. Though have gone down a back size so far bit not a cup size. Maybe when I am at target I will be able to risk running up stairs without a bra on and not risk taking my own eye out.


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I've just been and got measured today. Since Jan ive lost 3.5 stone and gone from a 40d to a 34d. Big difference!


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used to be a 42g and have now got some rather deflated 36d 2 breast fed children and nearly 5 stones down. i showed the top of my boobs to nan last week and she said they were almost as bad as hers shes 50years older! lol nothing like my nan for a boost of confidence lol