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Losing it in the 'wrong' places....

You could try doing some pilates type exercises to target your mid section....This should help you tone the middle and encourage the tyre to "deflate"! If you can't get to a class, there are some excellent vids on Utube that you can follow in the comfort of your own home!
when i put my weight on a lot of it went on my boobs so when i lost weight i found that my boobs went a little saggy too. I found that by exercising i started to lose weight and tone up other areas of my body (my stomach, legs and hips) which was brilliant. I hated exercising but after a couple of weeks I really got into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. xx


Minimins is the best!
ive got the camilla dallerup dance workout DVD and that has lots of exercises for your mid section, ive only done it a couple of times so cant see any result myself but everyones been sayin how much weight Ive lost from my waist....might be worth a go!!...... :) i know what u mean about the boobs, mine are massive and im worried that when i loose weight they are gonna be like deflated baloons, and down to my knees!!! Must keep the exercises up!!!!
Thanks for the suggestions, I will be checking out You tube for the Pilates definitely! I've joined a gym and hopefully things will tone up, I'm sure the belly is getting smaller (well I know it is - 3inches so far!!), it's just in proportion to everything else, so doesn't seem that way!
To be honest, you can't spot reduce any area of your body, no matter how toned you get your stomach, if there is a layer of fat over the top you won't see your toned midriff.

I have the same problem, but different areas, I am 5'10" and currently weigh 13st 2lbs, when I was at 10st 12lbs before (when I was at my target) I still had a huge bum and legs, but very skinny from the waist up, despite exercise. I would have had to lose another stone I think to really slim my hips and legs down.

Even at my weight now, you can see my ribs and my shoulder blades stick up!, but my bottom half is very big still!!!, all you can do is carry on with the weight loss and exercise as you would and hopefully you'll reach a point where you are happy with your body
i found that i didnt loose evenly, im still very apple shaped even at target but i do feel a hell of a lot better than i did before. i think its jut having realistic expectations, like if you do have a big stomach (thats where all my weight goes) then your always going to have a bigger stomach than the rest of your body same as if your pear shaped


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
bodies are a funny thing aint they i'm quite lucky in that i tend to lose it all over but it means i don't notice it creeping on, i'm v v v v paranoid that when i lose mt last stone and a half the boobs will sag i have been doing loads of exercises on them but i'm not sure if it will help as surely if the skin is stretched it's stretched aint it or will it just shrink like the rest of my skin.?????


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
and rachelina i weigh the same and am the same height as you and i would kill to see ribs and shoulder blades lol
hi abigail and princessria, sorry to but in with a different q here but i am curious as I am also a 5ft4er and have target of 9st7lb. I haven't been this weight since school so can you tell me what size clothes I might be in when I'm at target? realise everyone is different but it might act as a rough guide/inspiration xx
I think your clothes size is not only influenced by your weight (obviosuly!) but also your shape- I'm pear shape and I *should* be a size 12 but because of my shape I'm currently size 12 on top and 14 below. Though TBH size 14 trousers are too big for me and size 12 are too small so I'm in limbo at the moment! I just wish my bottom half would catch up with my top half so I can buy some size 12 skinny jeans! I think I need to do some sit-ups and things like that!
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