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Losing motivation! Help

Not sure what's wrong with me the last couple days. I'm 2lb off my first stone, which I'm hoping to get on Tuesday, but I just don't think I'm going to do it. I struggle at weekends with breakfast, so far I have had a cup of tea and some noodles!!
I follow ee, and am using my B choice this week on scan bran to make my cake as I had a whole bag of micro choc eggs on Thursday (36 syns) so am clawing back at this.
As I'm writing I'm thinking god what is wrong with me, I'm just at a loss. I don't often have the 1/3 super free with every meal either.
Anyone able to help??
Jodie x
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Why don't you have a green day for a change? You could have the cake plus another B choice for something breakfasty like cereal or toast?

On green you don't have to beat yourself up about not having 1/3 SF, although it usually comes naturally anyway in the things you cook on green.
Thanks that's what I was just thinking, ping back to green/red days. Ne'er done red before but may be fun to try lol. Think I will hve a green day today then I can have jacket pot for dinner and egg on toast for supper later. Thanks for your help. X
I was like this the other week and I got myself back on track by making up a meal plan for the whole week and sticking to it. When I got up first thing in the morning, I knew what I was having and my hex's and superfree was all laid out for me. Just get yourself organised and back in the zone!
I lost motivation/got complacent about 6 months after reaching target and now having to undo a few months of allowing bad habits to sneak back in!
My advice would definitely be to plan ahead and to keep trying new things! Remember why you wanted to loose weight in the first place - for health, looks or how you feel?? If that is still important to you then you are in the right place.
You can do it!


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My cake uses 5 scan bran and I have 1 a day lol. But because I'm trying to save syns instea of 9syns for the cake it's 1B and 4 syns x
Are you using Options in your cake? I make mine with proper cocoa - it has far fewer syns and makes a MUCH more chocolatey and indulgent cake. That's been my life saver when I'm struggling. I make one cake with 5 scan bran and eat THE WHOLE LOT in one day for about 4 - 8 syns syns (depending on how much cocoa I add).

That said, I just went home for a week, lost it, and it has taken me a week to get back on plan properly.

What stopped me going completely backwards was that my hubby said "Where's my happy Hayley gone?" and I realised that eating cr*p was making me FEEL cr*p. And I could remember telling everyone that SW made me SO HAPPY!

It still took me another 6 days from that point, but I got back to writing everything down and allowing myself to go over my syns.

Be kind to yourself. Every good step you take is a good step in the right direction, even when there are times when you're walking more backwards than forwards. :)
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Make a meal plan with the new mag - there's lots of brilliant things in there at very low syns and it will keep you busy for hours. I have read and re-read this issue atleast four times, I'm discovering new things each time! And regarding SF foods, just gather lots of washed up fruit, a big bowl and a small one for skins and peels, and cut up a huge fruit salad while watching your fave TV programme/film. It'll keep your hands busy and leave you with a guaranteed source of SF foods for your meals :) x
also if you are on green you can double your hex a's and b' i dont know how id cope if i didnt ! i normally have a mushroom,tomato ommlette or yoghurt with a hifi crumbled and banana for breakfast,
lunch salad with hot mushrooms and poached egg or vege sausage, or couscous with chopped pepper, watercress and vege sausage.
i dont see how you feel your missing out on sw diet , its about adapting what you like to suit your lifestyle. i do searches on google for any meal i fancy cooking s/w style and theres normally a recipe for it somewhere!
goodluck hope you get sorted


Just doing it this time
could you pm me with the scan bran cake recipe please - THANK YOU

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