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Losing the will.


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PKR I HATE the soups personally and am finding that I am sticking to porridge, tetras and the bars.

However if you are really struggling, have a chat with your CDC about moving up to SS+ or 810. Moving up a plan has got to be a better option than packing it all in completely.
Add 50% more water to them so they aren't as sickly.
I use 12-14ozs of water(4ozs cold and 8ozs hot-I don't like them much cold but some say they are great made with crushed ice) and generally stick to chocolate,choc orange/choc mint and cappucino(with 2tsps of coffee granules) and cranberry crunch bars(which aren't the nicest of them all but do the job :) and have lower carbs than others)
It's just a case of finding the ones you like :)


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a bit more water and some crushed ice tend to make them milk-shakey and I rather like them like this, but as above talk to your CDC the SS+ plan might be better to work yourself into it? and in week 3 you can have bars and mousse too I think x

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Oh i'm sorry to hear you're fed up with it. It's SO worth it in the end. As other say use loads more water. Lots of mint tea is good too and should make you feel calm and sooth your tummy.

Hope you get through this patch and stick with it. Good luck xxx
Just wanted to say I was exactly the same. I only have choc shakes (mousse), choc tetras, and bars. I just can't get on with the others. I have found though that as time as gone on I have started to enjoy them more. I also do ss+ so have some food as well, which helps. Hope you feel better about them soon.
Hey PKR, I totally understand, the veggie soup is the only one i can stand - the shakes aren't too bad though. Stick with it and you'll get the bars, they make it worth your while... the great weightloss too btw. "Courage" as they say here


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Bars make me feel a bit sick too so I avoid those. I live on choc, the odd choc mint and choc tetras and that is it.

Add loads of water to shakes so they're not as thick and sickly. I have 800ml of cold water in mine. They don't taste of anything much when they're that thin.

Half a choc tetra mixed with half a cup of good hot coffee

Half a choc shake whizzed with a large cup of hot mint tea (add hot water as needed)

Stick with it hon - find one you like and live on that. Its not food anyway, its fuel.


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Stick with it hon - find one you like and live on that. Its not food anyway, its fuel.

This is good advice. Find something you can bear and stick with it. Variety is not the spice of life on a VLCD. The shakes are a means to an end - they are never going to set your palate alight!