Losing weight fast (but healthy)

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by harolddewinter, 18 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. harolddewinter

    harolddewinter New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for ways to start losing weight fast. More as a motivator than as a healthy option.

    Who has some tips for me?

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  3. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Cutting carbs and sugar has got to be the golden rule. No white bread, pasta, rice or processed foods full of sugar and salt. Eat clean. Eat plenty of lean protein, leafy green veggies and smaller portions of wholemeal pasta, rice and bread. If you really wanna lose fast cut pasta, rice, cereals and bread altogether. Eat smaller meals more often e.g. instead of eating 2 or 3 large meals a day eat 5-6 smaller ones. Take some light exercise, say take a 20-30 min walk each day. And drink plenty of water :) You'll soon see a difference just by doing that!
  4. Ilyas Ariba

    Ilyas Ariba New Member

    Exercise will always speed up weight loss - Fact
    If you want to succeed long term and keep the weight off, you should do some form of exercise. Your 30 minute exercises twice per week will ensure you increase your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. You can even do them in 15 minute slots, 4 times per week, there is no fixed rule here. If you can't run, walking is a great way to get you moving. Give it a try, because after 2 weeks you will certainly lose unwanted fat from the areas you most desire.
  5. harolddewinter

    harolddewinter New Member


    Thanks for these tips. Makes all good sense.

    Two questions still:
    Which low carb foods are rich in fibers (like whole grain bread and rice, but then without the carbs)?
    How effective is HIT training (High intensity training); and how do you find out if that is effective for one's (my) body?

  6. Princessjessica

    Princessjessica New Member

    All fruit and veg have a high fibre content although watch the fruit when avoiding sugar, calories can sneak up on you that way! Try snacking on lots of celery in between meals as that contains lots of fibre with very few calories. I wouldn't say avoid carbs all together as you'll just end up hungry. Go with brown rice before bread etc as wheat makes many people bloat. Try a high fibre wheat free cereal! Raw veg and low fat humous makes such a good lunch too! It's what helped me lose 2 stone in about 7 weeks after surgery. Good luck! J xx
  7. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

    Keep your net carbs (carbs minus fibre) at around 20-25, and get around 80 grams of protein in a day and lift weights. That is the fastest way to lose weight (keep your overall calories to around 800-1200). Focus more on weights than cardio. 20 minutes of weight lifting may burn less total calories during the workout than 20 minutes of cardio, but you will burn more calories for the entire rest of the day plus while sleeping as lifting weights really ups your metabolism (and helps you maintain the weight loss once you're at goal).

    Yes, HITT is very good for fast weight loss, esp if it's 30 seconds - 2 minutes high intensity cardio, then lift heavy weights for 5 minutes or so, for a total exercise session of 20-30 minutes. If you can do more than that, it wasn't intense enough. The 30-Day DVD by Jillian Michaels is a great example of this and you can watch online for free. A pure Cardio HITT is also good (2 min walk, 30 second sprints) but not as effective as switching back and forth between cardio and weights.
  8. harolddewinter

    harolddewinter New Member

    Thanks all for your replies.

    How about the negative effect in terms of not getting enough fibers and/or too much (animal) fat?
    Should one avoid light products (other that the diet-soda's) like light butter, and skimmed milk?

  9. Abyss

    Abyss Schwing !

    This is why I've chosen to do Lighterlife ... fast weight loss healthily. Maybe consider a similar VLCD ?
    If not I agree low-carb is the way to go - but stick to it rigidly :]
  10. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Yeah you have to stick to low carb strictly and then very slowly re-introduce them later. I would stick to very low fat oils/spreads using them sparingly, and I'd say to use skimmed milk. Try to keep sat fat as low as possible - if you want to lose fat then it doesn't make sense to consume a lot of it! A lack of fibre can cause constipation but plenty of greens like cabbage and broccoli can sort that out. Also fibrous cereals such as bran flakes but make sure not to over-do it on the cereal as they are quite high in carbs!

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