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Losing weight from places you don't usually!!

It's very odd. So far I've lost 22lbs and, after many occasions of dieting, know that I always lost weight from my bust first and bottom half later (typical pear shape). However, this time I seem to have lost weight from my bottom half first and nothing from the top. I hate having boobs and can't wait until they go!

Has anyone else found this?!:confused: :confused:
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has started again!!
Mine has started to go from the roll under my boobs and i think my face is a bit thinner already. Third week weigh in tomo, have lost 16.5lb so far so dont know what to expect then???


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HEE HEE its so true, I have gone down a shoe size, this was one of the first places to go, I too usually lose from bust area then hips bum n tum are last to go, but I have lost the most from under the bust, tum and hips. lol How starnge.

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It's funny you should say that, i've always lost from my boobs first in the past but this time i boobs are the last thing to go.........Yippeeee

I don't have a very large bust anyway and to loss too much i'd need a DIPSTICK to measure my bra size.....lol



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Ooh that's odd actually because usually my boobs don't change much but this time my chest was the first thing to shrink...seems my stomach is going to be the last thing to shrink :(


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Hands definately. I lost a Tiffany ring about 5 weeks ago, the first piece of jewellary my hubby ever bought me, our first valentines together!! he was also away at the time and found it very hard to tell him!!! i have had to change my wedding and engagement rings round as my enagement ring is really really loose now!!!


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Ive lost it big style from my boobs! GUTTED :(
Ive still got bigger than average bops though so I cant complain, my bum is starting to shrink now but my legs are always fat!
I'm just desperate to start running again. I did loads before my 'bigger days' (past 4 years) and love it so much, it makes me feel great. Just not with boobs!!


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