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losing weight to try for a baby?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Hiya, I was 15.5stone & H & I had been trying for 2 years with no joy. The dr told me to lose weight & it should help. Hey presto 1 stone down I was pregnant.

My son is now 2 & I've also got a 10 week old daughter.

It definitely helps things xx
I already have a 4 yr old but wanna be at target this time so I feel much more me in pregnency and after birth.

I gained 2 stone when I was weighed after I had him. God knows how much in pregnancy. This time I want less to lose lol


Slimming for my children
Leeanne910 said:
Is there any one who is losing weight before trying for a baby?

I am with 54lbs to go! Idealy by September!

Be nice to speak n share journey with people x
Hey hun
I am trying to loose about 4-5 stone by aug as we want to try for baby no2.
I was 17 stone when I fell with my son and had a nightmare pregnancy which ended in a crash c section. I don't know if it was a contributor but all the way through every single midwife commented on my weight so this time I want to be slimmer so I give myself a chance.

Pm me if you want a buddy? Xxx


I will be a yummy mummy!
I'm trying for a baby at the moment so trying to lose weight at the same time (plus will be trying to minimise gain when I am pregnant too!)

But please come along and join our mummy wannabes team - for people trying at the moment, and people wanting to lose weight before trying for a baby...


It's a bit quiet at the mo but could be a great place for us to chat about how we're doing and how we're feeling x
I have got a 14 month old, she was our little suprise concieved when i was 13 stone and overweight. Im not even heavier, 2 stone infact so I want to loose this as we want to TTC number 2 in october time. x
I was told I had PCOS about a year ago & have been trying to lose weight since.. Slimming World seems to be the only thing that helps!
I don't ovulate at all, so no periods & no babies :( My Dr reckons that if I can lose just 10% of my weight then I might have a better chance of conceiving - although I would, ideally, like to get to my target weight first (which means losing around 5 stones).

Sometimes the thought of being able to have a child is the only thing that keeps me going.
I feel for u Hun. I wish I could day I know how u feel but I can't :( I just know how I would feel without my child! And if I could
Never have a child. I am blessed.

I'm sure if you focus on your goal weight and then try it will give you something to focus on! :) I have 4stone 5 to lose. I know I can do it as I was so close before so I'm sure u can :) xxxx

Wish u all the best!!!! And have u worked out how
Much u need to lose to lose 10% of your weight x
Oh lilaloves, I am so sorry to hear that :( It is so difficult to go through this, if you ever need to chat, please PM me. We'll get there, I know it!

Fatty_no_more - It is hard, most of my friends have children, all by accident & it kills me. Especially as one of them doesn't seem to want her baby as much as I wish for one! It was incredibly difficult to hear her tell me how having her daughter ruined her life! :(

Leeanne910 - Thinking of having a baby is what stopped me falling off the wagon this evening when I wanted chocolates!
10% of my weight is about 10kg & I have lost half so far. I have two options after that - Number one is to stay on the pill (Which is the only thing giving me regular periods atm) & try to get to a healthy weight = healthier pregnancy.. Or the Drs told me that once I lose 10% they would be willing to try fertility treatments. As much as it kills me, I think I'd much rather wait to reach a better weight so I can have a better experience.

You are blessed & it is wonderful that you know it. Some people take their children for granted & that's sad :(
I want to try for a third baby and having difficulty getting pregnant which is probably because i'm my heaviest right now. Me and my husband have decided to have a break from ttc and for me to focus on losing my weight. Also my second pregnancy was hell because i was very heavy and had loads of probs with my hipsx

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