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  1. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Second serious bout of Atkins for me. I'm expecting it to be a struggle and i'm a bit frightened to be honest... i'm back on some medicine which the last time i took it 5 years ago, caused me to pile on a huge 4 stone in 6 months, and is very well known for causing huge problems with these side effects. Not really ready to share my story yet as it's quite upsetting but, i don't really have much choice about taking these drugs and i'm terrified of putting more weight on.

    Ok... so quick recap of the past two years dieting:

    Round 1 - Exante, sometime in 2011. Lost about 2 stone in 2 months. Then put on 2 stone over the next 2 months. Net loss = zero. Totally my fault, i really went crazy after coming off the diet and ate like a pig.

    Round 2 - Atkins, January to April 2012. Lost 2.5 stone. Then life got me. Now i'm here in August, but thankfully i HAVEN'T put the weight back on. Hurray, progress!

    It's my 30th Birthday tomorrow! I'm not as light as i wanted to be for my 30th, but considering the amount of upheaval i've been through in my life the past few months it's a miracle i'm not back up to 19 stone again.

    So at the beginning of 2012 i was 19stone 2. Right now re-starting Atkins at 16stone5. I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact that my losses will be much slower due to the drugs i'm on, and that i may not even lose weight at all. But, at this point i'd just be happy to not shoot back up to 19stone and more.

    I'm very depressed lately which doesn't help with matters as i have a tendency to just 'not care'. I know though that working on trying my best to maintain my health can only help me to feel better mentally, even if i fail at it at least i know i have tried my hardest.

    Started induction yesterday. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, tuna mayo salad for lunch, beef for dinner, sweetened extra thick cream with a few raspberries for pudding. Sounds ridiculous but i've forgotten the rules for induction so i'm going to have to research again, think i ate around 20 carbs yesterday though so should be fine, perhaps minus the raspberries (5 carbs for my portion) for induction?

    Going out for a birthday lunch with my mom and dad today. Not worried about that will just choose steak with veg like i always do when i go out ;-). Might run into temptation if they have pudding, but it is my 30th so i'll let myself have something sweet if i want and just draw a line underneath it straight after, it is my birthday afterall.
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  3. triage999

    triage999 Gold Member

    Welcome back sweet!!!!! You'll do just fine and the support here is amazing :) xxx

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  4. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Welcome back Losing!

    Completely the right approach for your birthday celebrations, enjoy it - especially as you know things are only going to get better xxx
  5. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    As you've only just started induction I say relax on your birthday, really enjoy yourself, then start induction proper the next day so you get a full two weeks with nothing off plan, and don't feel guilty in your birthday. have a great day!
  6. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Nice to see some 'old' faces still around here :).

    Birthday lunch.... ended up eating carvery, complete with roast potatoes. Then had a chocolate brownie for pudding. I don't feel bad about it, moonlights advice to start after my birthday was probably a wise one! Haven't eaten much else today actually as lunch filled me up so much, had some leftover chicken for breakfast, and just a snack of a small bowl of strawberries for tea.

    Family will be dropping off my presents tomorrow. I'm desperately praying that it is NOT chocolates cos i'm going to have a problem on my hands if it is. I can draw a line under and restrict many carb items but chocolate is not one of them.
  7. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Welcome back LI... You've done really well to keep the 2.5 off!!! That's amazing!!! Good luck xx
  8. spiritof61

    spiritof61 Full Member

    Well done on your decision. I'm also on some meds which cause weight gain too. It's not easy but being on the meds and Atkins does eventually pay off. As I lose more weight I hope I can manage on a lower dose of steroids - so there is hope on the horizon! Well done on not regaining all your previous weight.
  9. Ess3x_Girly

    Ess3x_Girly Addicted to MiniMins!

    Hi good luck and well done with keeping the 2.5 stone off!
  10. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    I haven't been eating properly, but been "on plan".... just not eating proper meals and snacking all day on whatever is to hand (eggs and roast chicken mostly). Need to have veggies and actual meals. Got a case of metal mouth so know i'm entering ketosis today, hooray, also got the keto headaches.

    Been feeling really down the past two days and crying a lot for what seems to be no reason. Not sure if it's because of entering ketosis and a kind of emotional Atkins flu, or if i'm losing my mind. All will be revealed in time i suppose, will keep plodding onwards.... gotta feel better at some point.
  11. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    You've been through such a lot, hun, it's no surprise.

    I often find I'm strong during a crisis but when things relax a bit and I'm coming out the other side, that's when I get all teary - maybe it's the same for you xxx
  12. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    yeah, that is exactly like me - i was going along just fine while everything was going crazy. Now i have my life back i'm falling to pieces over silly things - today it was about BT messing up my broadband, i told them i moved house 2 weeks ago and they made two separate appointments which they didn't keep to install my broadband, and then when i phoned them up they told me there was a fault with the line that they didn't know about til i phoned them and that it is going to take them a week before they'll even be able to process the order. It's not the end of the world, i am connecting to the net using a BT hotspot which i have signal for at my house, so all is good but it tipped me over the edge and resulted in me spending another hour crying my eyes out and wondering why the whole world was against me.

    As far as the diet is going, all is good. Ate some KFC chicken today which took up most of my 20g carb allowance - a bit naughty i know, i'm meant to be eating veg-carb not fried chicken carb, but it was really goooood and just what i needed. Had a sneaky peak at the scales and am down 3lbs so far at 16stone2, i'd really love it if i could get to 16stone or below by weigh-in. Then after that the long slow slog starts... and i'd love to be able to get down to 13and a half stone by Christmas, i think it's do-able but will need to start some exercise like i did last time.... i'm resigned to the fact that weight is going to start coming off slower now i'm not a great big 19stone whale that i was at the beginning, actually i'll probably jump around with excitement if my weight drops below 15 stone which is the lowest weight i can ever remember being in all of my adult life, and to think i'm only a stone away from that... :), definitely achievable.

    Munching on some prawns now then going to try and chill out a bit and try to remain sane for the rest of the evening.
  13. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Easily achievable - you're going to be at 15 before you know it.

    I try not to set weight loss targets for myself because every time I've done Atkins previously I've gotten so hung up on not losing as fast as I want - ignoring the fact I was losing well enough as it was - tried 'extreme' versions of the diet to lose faster, found it too hard, fell off the wagon and regained! Ridiculous of me. So this time I'm taking it pretty easy regarding how the wright comes off - and so far have found I've had the most consistent losses of any attempt. I don't think there's a reason that you'll lose slower at the weight you are now - I lost on average 2lbs a week when I was much bigger and I'm losing the same now.

    Am probably teaching you to suck eggs here but the main reason to avoid KFC carbs is because the processed breading can spike your blood sugar and that can cause a stall or cause cravings etc. everybody gets their carbs in dubious places occasionally though and it's much better than going over the limit ;)

    Am just climbing back on the wagon after a few weeks off due to birthday & illness, myself.
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  14. Dietkitty

    Dietkitty Rebel without a calorie

    Welcome back and well done on maintaining through a tough period. I'm on day 4 of slim and save but stay lurking around here as I'm allowed some lean protein and veg which is Atkins without the fat :) Plus I know you'd all miss me if I went elsewhere :D
    Totally understand about the tearful thing getting into K. I've been a right grumpy moo these 4 days although some would say I always am lol. Keep posting and all the lovelies here will help you through.
  15. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    moonlights, that's interesting to know you have carried on losing at the same rate. I always found on past diets that things got tougher the lighter i got, but then again none of those diets were Atkins, and none of them even brought me to the point i'm at right now. I assumed this was because smaller people need less calories on a daily basis and therefore it is harder to create a large calorie deficit while still feeling satisfied. Although with Atkins i suppose you end up eating only what you really need anyway because after a while on the diet you just lose the mad desire to sit consuming whole tubes of pringles and supersize pizzas (well, it is true for me anyway) which seem to sabotage my efforts on other diets. Being on Atkins (or anything involving ketosis) is the best form of appetite suppressant i have ever had - i find i need to eat MUCH less to make me feel full and happy, and i don't get hungry at all between meals once in Ketosis.... hopefully this can sustain me through right down to the BMI of 25 that i desperately want :).

    Yes, KFC is naughty ;-) I need to be 'bad' every now and again - think i need to get some food in which is more appropriate for being naughty with and which is equally satisfying - pork scratchings and double cream both do it for me (but not together at once, yuck) and are much better for Atkins!

    dietkitty - good luck on slim and save, day 4 is quite an achievement on these kind of diets, hopefully you are into ketosis now and it's getting easier?!

    I'm feeling better today for the first time, haven't had a cry now for 24 hours which is great :). Also got rid of the headaches and tiredness. It's been a rough ride into keto this time around but i think i'm out the other side in one piece now.

    Had a cooked breakfast this morning, sausages, scrambled egg, bacon... left me so full that i couldn't face lunch until now (it's almost 3pm). Going to have something light not sure what yet probably just some cold chicken and a little green salad, and then having baked fish with herbs and spinach for dinner tonight.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind messages everyone - :) xx
  16. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Week 1 weighin and i'm down a nice big 8lbs :), couldn't be happier. Week 1 was slightly longer than 1 week, i think 8 days, because the first couple of days i was still messing around and ate off plan due to my birthday. Will be weighing in every saturday from today onwards.

    Really loving the huge week 1 numbers on the scale again, fantastic ;-).
  17. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Pound a day, then. Brilliant, can't ask for a better start than that! Well done!
  18. spiritof61

    spiritof61 Full Member

    Congratulations! It is very motivating indeed. Great work. :)
  19. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    I'm surprised but i lost another 1lb overnight. I read somewhere that each subsequent time you enter Ketosis, the big loss effect is diminished. I've been pleasantly surprised therefore that i have had amazing losses. I think perhaps it has more to do with how much carbs you have previously been eating and therefore how much glycogen stores and therefore water weight you have to lose. I'm now only 10lb away from being lighter than i have ever remembered - the lightest i can remember previously is around 15stone 3 and that was when i was 17 in college, to get to 15stone would be --- amazing :).

    Since i'm now in ketosis and my mood has settled as well as other keto side effects, i've decided to restart my exercise program. Last time i did a lot of work on my elliptical trainer, but this time around i'll be doing kettleworx and then adding in some other training later if i feel like it. My goal is to get through their 6 week body transformation course. I started a diary about it in the fitness section of the forum.

    I tried making some oopsie rolls yesterday. Despite being on Atkins on and off for a while i've never made any before. I wasn't much impressed and thought they were hard to make properly, but then again i'm not much of a cook. I much prefer MiMs which i can just zap in the microwave in a minute with minimal mess/fuss and which i feel have a better bready texture, i think the trade off of having slightly more carbs is really worth it.

    Breakfast today was jamie oliver cheeky chipolatas (they are nice but a bit too salty), 2 rashers of bacon, and scrambled egg. Last night i had some fried salmon steaks with broccoli and lots of melted butter on top which was delicious. Got some leftover salmon so might have it again today :).
  20. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Phenomenal loss LI!! Well done! You are doing so well!! Xx
  21. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    You know, I always thought that was 'scare tactics' - from peoples' experiences here, it seems you can pop in and out of ketosis all the time. Jim does it regularly! :) Well done on the pound!

    Try Katie's fab flax bread recipe - slightly more faffing about but really yummy - I'll try and find the link. I use Flex flax - supposed to be no carb :)

    Found it - http://www.minimins.com/atkins-reci...ion-1-5c-per-serving-depending-flax-used.html
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