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Losses on AAM week...


really trying again!
Hi everyone- happy Monday and hope everyone is having a good start to the week. I just wanted to ask how people found their weight losees to be on the AAM weeks? I've done 4 weeks so had 5 meals out of 7 nights the past week and on my WI this morning have found that I've only lost a pound? Is this normal? I stuck to the recommended foods and still had loads of water, black coffee and a cup of bouillon every day. I just wondered whether it speeds up the metabolism and then gets a better loss next week? Bit confused now.....:sigh:

Anyone have any advice on this or had similar experiences?
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Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question but do you drink the Bouillon when you are 100%?
My aamw can vary from a 3lb loss to staying the same, but I usually get a better loss the week after, it all evens out in the end


really trying again!
Thanks for the advice. I shall keep going and keep strong. No food for me this week which I find so hard to do after having the delights of food last week! Do you regularly add AAM weeks or just do as and when?
I STS for 2 weeks then AAM for a whole week and lost 6lbs. It's worth you keeping to the diet as you will lose eventually.


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AAMW is recommended every five weeks but it's something to think about if you're really feeling like you want food. The add a meal week stuff won't put you out of ketosis so if you're desperate for a nibble just have something that's allowed. I dropped five pounds on my AAMW but it varies, just look at the whole picture not just that week, it all comes good in the end x


really trying again!
Thanks guys- I'm keeping at it as I'm not one to give up easily! Just had my first soup mix tho- ooops that wasn't a pleasant experience! Think I'll have to purchase some pepper sauce to help those go down! Howare you getting on?
I struggles with the soup too....now i only use half the packet with the same amount of water and it is so much better...more like a cup a soup!!

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