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Losses on RTM?


Happily pro pointing!
I am just wondering what kind of losses you can expect on RTM.
As you are still on 3 packs to start with then 2, I am assuming you will still lose a little in the first few weeks.

Just thinking about when to start RTM.
I was going to wait until goal, but I don't actually want to get any lower, so am thinking of starting with about 7lbs to go.
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Hi Alibongo..

I began management with 7lbs to go and actually lost 8llb, this was in the first 3 weeks. After that you shouldn't really be loosing weight, just maintaining.

Good luck xx
Hey Alibongo,

I too decided to go into management with 6lbs still to lose. I realised I was happy with my size, and could cope if I didn't lose the weight in the end.

I have only started this week, but am still in ketosis so assume I will lose this week. Will let you know on Friday.

Some people actually feel happier losing an extra bit of weight beforet hey go into management to add a buffer zone for your glycogen store, but I think it is a very personal choice. You know when you feel ready to eat!


Deb G

Silver Member
I've been looking into this, and everyone I have spoken to have lost at least half a stone in the first few weeks of Management. I want to start Management on 9th Feb (going on hols to Scotland and want to be able to eat) and I may be at goal by then, or if not, I won't be far off it!. Either way, I've decided to go into Management on that date as, if I'm not at goal, then I will be within a couple of weeks.

The lady in the LL Mag this month lost a stone on Management - so you may lose that much! I'd bank on half a stone or less and I don't think you'll be too far away from the mark. I think I'll have about 3 lbs to lose, and I'm not considering it a problem!


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I also went into RtM with 7lbs to go and lost it during the first month.

Thanks Sun - that is reassuring! At what point did your losses stop?



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hi leesy

around the month mark, when I started to eat the 1st day of management, I was so excited and planned to have a small chicken fillet, I HATED it, and I cried, I felt sick, I felt full within 3 mouthfuls, for me it was such a let down.

The 2nd day I had a salmon fillet, was better but still felt very full.

By the third day you can add some green salad which I used to put balsamic vinegar on, it was lush and I still do it today, after 3 days I no longer felt full up, this is when you have to really think about being full or not, listen to your body and what you have learnt.

Good Luck

sun xxxxxxxxxx


Happily pro pointing!
Thanks everyone, that is very useful to know.
I think I will start RTM with about 7lbs to go, but will see when I get close to that how I feel.
Thanks Sun and Laura - that has renewed my hope that I will get rid of those last 6lbs and achieve my goal of a ten stone loss with Lighter Life (12 stones since my biggest weight).

I plan to stick religiously to the plan (well until alcohol in week 5 - can't promise I will only have one glass of wine!).

I know what you mean about really having to listen to your body Sun - it was day five for me yesterday and I think I ate more chicken than I really needed so will concentrate more on listening to my body in future.

Good luck with your weight loss goals everyone!

Wow Leesy what an excellent loss :clap: - you've done brilliantly well done and good luck with Management ..... and enjoy that wine :)

Deb G

Silver Member
Well done all. Do you get guidance as to how MUCH you eat, or just WHAT you eat? Do they say (for example) 100g chicken or 50g yogurt?
Not a great deal of guidance Deb beyond the standard... a portion of protein is the size of your palm. I think the idea is that this is when we learn to only eat what our bodies need, and to gain our own control over portions. This part can be a little scary at first but it is nice not to feel restricted by a guide book too!

When do you start management?


Deb G

Silver Member
Feb 2nd is my first RTM meeting (still developing at present) and I plan to start actually eating from the Saturday which will be the 9th Feb. However, the way I'm feeling at the moment, I may just start on Feb 2nd....if not before!


Back to the grindstone!!
Pretty much there myself now. I still have a bit to lose but I hope that I can control myself when I get back into the world of food enough to still have a few weeks of loss when I start. I am planning to start RTM on the 24th of January. I find that I am struggling to control my craving for food now and that I have struggled to stay abstinent since a slip at New Year.
My LLC says that perhaps it is just my body letting me know that it is ready to go back to the world of eating and I think she is right.
Bit scary but I am looking forward to it.

Deb G

Silver Member
Good luck scot - we'll be going into it pretty much together by the looks of it!!

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