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losses so far and avaerage weekly losses


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can anyone share what they've lost sof ar in how long and what your average weekly losses are on slimming world?

the last diet i did was cambridge and the losses on that are huge so i have to get myself used to some smaller losses (i'm trying to get rid of a stone that has crept back on in the last couple of years). i'm deliberately not weighing myself for the first month of sw so i know there'll be at least a bigger loss.

i'm just interested in how much you're losing? last time i did sw i think i averaged 2 or 3lb a week but then i was a few more stone overweight then.
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I've just come off cambridge too after a 4 stone loss. I had really not stuck to it for a few months so felt I should follow a healthy eating plan instead.

My first weigh in was last week and I lost 3 1/2 lb's. Although this is obiviously immensly different to the 10lb I lost on my first week of Cambridge, I have really enjoyed eating to my hearts content on free food. I've discovered Mango's this week and had 4 so far. (this week not today!)

Although I probably have about 6 stone still to loose, I am not going to get hung up on how much the scales show each week, I am just going to be happy with any movement in a downwards direction. For me this is healthy eating not a diet!

B good to hear from everyone else how you are all doing!


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hi champess. thanks so much for replying. how weird cos i have been eating loads of mangos this week as well! i get them from a market where theyre 4 for £1 which is a massive bargain! believe theyre on BOGOF in sainsburys at the moment as well. tell me this- is there an easy way of cutting them up? i always get in such a mess. damn those stones!!

i too am enjoying the diet and feeling very heathy on it. sounds like you have a great attitude. good luck with it x


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Ha Ha

I know what you mean about those stones! There must be an influx of mangos into the country they want to get rid of as they are on special at 74p in Tesco too. Sounds like your bargain is by far the best though!
where is work in east london is the best place to buy cheap fruit. a mixing bowl of virtually anything for a quid!

i see you're in swindon. i'm wiltshire born and bred. used to live in chippenham.


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Oops - forgot it was all in my siggy!

So apart from last weeks gain where I was sooooooo stupid, i've got a nice average!

I choose to forget last week - waaay too depressing!


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thanks yamyam. i'd be delighted with 2lbs a week to be honest. if i managed that i could have this stone off in 2 months. we shall see!


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hello, love! must stop bumping into people on here! lol. as you can see i am still on my quest to lose that last stone! sw going well and rebuilding my relationship with food and self image. making progress already i reckon. about time too!x


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It sounds like you are doing so well Jen. You have had a terrific weight loss already, was that on CD did you say? I am very impressed. Good luck on losing that final stone and being the weight you want to be! :) You'll definitely get there with SW and probably enjoy the journey too!!


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thanks janey, hon. :) yes, it was on cambridge. i got to goal almost two years ago now and in that time have put a stone back on. keep losing and regaining the same stone so want to get rid once and for all!


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same here hun - i'm amazed ive got 4 good days out of 5, used to have little cheats every day but am just being laid back and not letting it rule my life (which is what i did with ss and why i always stuck to it i think) so seems to be going ok so far.

7 weeks til i go back to turkey maybe i'll surprise freddie and be a stone lighter by then lol.

we'll do it mate, even though we're doing different diets we can help each other through it and support each other. x