Losses: Tell me about yours

So... I hear about so many fantastic losses in here... tell me about your total weight losses ad how long it took you.

Weight (lbs) and time (months/weeks)

It is so I can get a realistic idea of how much I can expect to lose by xmas!
I started Cambridge diet on 22nd June and have lost 3 stone 2lb. Which is particularly impressive since I have had many interruptions over the whole time. 2 weddings, holidays etc. I have the same goal weight as you but started a couple of stone lighter. So I would confidently say you could very easily lose 4 stone by Christmas and at least do as well as me. Especially as you have the support of this forum as I only joined this week and have found it fantastic at getting me back on track. I have lost more weight in the last 5 days than I had the whole previous month while struggling on my own. Hope this helps. You certainly can make a big difference by Xmas I know that much! Dizzy
The scenic route

Started on the 15th of August, '05 and I was 17st. 12lbs.

By end of April or there abouts, I was 11st. 6lbs....lost the plot and went back up to 13st. 4lbs.:eek: :eek: :eek: Shock horror:mad:

Now I am back down to 12st. 2lbs. and a whole different attitude.

I have found a calmness in me towards the process and in the last two weeks the feeling to emotional eat has not happened and this is with a couple of things that normally would have me running to put on the 'Nose Bag', so feeling positive.

Still early days and do not want to speak too soon.:eek:

Love Mini xxx
Last Thurs was week 26 - 6 months exactly and in that time I've lost 6st 3lb so even with a few 'slow' weeks I'm still managing Cambridge's claim of 'an average loss of a stone per month'.

This means a losing 3 stone by Christmas is very achievable on CD. Go for it!!
A loss of 7 stone for me (all but one measly pound .. grrr!!!) in exactly 7 months (I began CD on 24th February).

A 3 stone loss by Xmas is definitely achievable if you start now .. go for it!! :D

I started the Cambridge diet on March 17th this year and in 6 months and 1 week I have lost 9 st 6 lbs.

Good luck, you can do it!!!

Jazzy xx