Lost 15 Poiunds in Under Two Months on the GI Diet!!!!!!!


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I know there are lot of you out there who are doing VLCD with the intention of following a low GI diet upon returning to food...

However I would just like to stress that the GI Diet also makes an excellent diet!

I know this because today as I approach the end of week eight of this diet I have lost 15 pounds. I have lost a fifth of all the weight I want to lose. This diet is great!

And I beat my own target of losing a stone by the time I go on holiday to Malta (next week yay!!!).

Just wanted to share that with all of you!

Luv & Hugs xxx xxx xxx
So would I be!!! All that lovely granary stuff and you still lost weight - fanastic!! (erm bread is my BIG weakness so well done to you for controlling your chatterbox!)
Hey! That's fab. What a great loss considering you are eating all that lubbery food :)
Thanks Karion!

Thank you too CD Thing the GI Diet is an excellent way to lose weight if you can control yourself with food! In retrospect I think I have been getting my head in the right place about food for a long time before I started the GI Diet and I just needed a healthy eating plan to get me to lose weight that addressed all that I hate about diets (weighing stuff and being hungry!!!)...

Thanks again xxx xxx
Well done a" little less" Curvy chicken, I am in awe of you.

Would you mind posting a few examples of a daily food intake? it would be interesting to see how you eat!!
hi and well done you, that weight loss is quiet brilliant, and to think you Eat as well, not tried the G I diet, i agree with Lavender could you give us a little sample.....................................thankyou:)
Thanks Lavender!

I try to follow Rick Gallop's book to tee...


Two slices of toast with low fat spread and marmite


Porridge with fresh or frozen berries


one slice of toast, grilled tomatoes (2) and fried mushrooms (in a little olive oil and at the end of them cooking i put a small amount of low fat spread so they have buttery taste).


A tin of plum tomatoes on toast (I am a self confessed tomato fiend).


Baxter's healthy choice soup with slice of bread (for a very lazy lunch)


One chicken breast, bulgur wheat and roast vegetables mixed together with a little lemon juice and black pepper (did this for my boyfriend who is a veggie with quorn fillets instead)


I also eat usually left overs from my GI dinners and at the cafeteria at work (picking low GI options of course!)


Chilli Con Carne with Quorn, onion, mushroom, garlic, two tins of tomatoes and kidney beans - cooked in either small amounts of olive oil or water!

or if I am in a lazy mood

Chicken (either plain or lemon and pepper), lots of peas and other frozen veg and three new potatoes


Red peppers stuffed with tomatoes, low fat creme fraiche and pesto and topped with pine nuts (a few!) and either brown rice or bulgar wheat and some veggies!


or salad with lots of veg and a little protein (quorn, tuna, chicken).

And I do believe I told you about the Quinoa burgers my boyfriend made - they were lush!

I am working my way through Rick Gallops Green Light Cookery book! Oooh and he also recommends snacks which for me are muller light yoghurts, fruit and occasionally skinny cow ice creams (a bit naught as they have sugar - but I am restricting these, but essentially they are very lowfat/calorie...).

Hope that helps lavender.

Hugs xxx xxx
Wow CC, you're doing great!

Can I just ask though, just as I am one of those who am thinking of GI when I finish Cambridge - do you feel like you're on a diet? Have you tried eating out? And when you're not loosing weight, can you drink alcahol? Have ordered the book off amazon, but its taking aggeeesss to come.

Your menu looks FAB by the way - totally delish.
Hi Wobbly

There are two parts to the GI Diet - there is the dieting bit and then the maintaing bit. At the moment I do feel like I am on a diet because I am actively avoiding certain foods. However once I get to my target there will be much more choice and variety with the maintence part of the diet...

The maintence part does allow alcohol - but mainly red wine! To be honest when it comes to drinking again I am not sure that I'll be able to stick with just wine (I love cocktails!) but when it comes to maintaining I will keep here and blog updated...

I have eaten out and to be honest indian and thai restaurants are a breeze - just avoid creamy choices! Italian is best avoided (very limited choices unless you can find one with a good choice of salads) and any pubs/restaurants that offer meat, spud and veg style meals are easy to navigate!

Thanks for your support!

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
Thanks Chicken,
i am going to have a more serious bash at this , as I love all those kind of things.
Is there any food that you use as a "fill up " when your hungry?
I have made the muffins and the "muslie bars" from the book and although the muffins do resemble dog poos!! (nadines observation!!) they taste really good and are quite filling if you have them with a decaffe or a friut tea!!.
Hi Lavender

One of the great things about this diet is that my appetite has changed considerably - I rarely get 'really hungry' these days!

I would certainly advise on filling up your plate at meal times with vegetables! Always having a 'dessert' of fruit or yoghurt with each meal and having fruit/yoghurt on standby for snacks - which are very much encouraged...

I tried the muslie bars too and wasn't that impressed with them. If you follow the diet you'll find that your hunger and cravings change...

Luv CC xxx xxx
Hi curvy,

Congrats and well done on your brill weight loss of 15 pounds!!!

The husband is already doing the GI diet has part of his new life style and he is maintaining his boyish figure no problem:p ;)

I hope you have a fab time in Malta, lucky you getting away from this cold and windy weather not too even mention the rain...

Love Mini xxx
HI curvy chick!!,

Was wondering if you had tried the VLCDs before or what kind of diets you had tried before?
As a girl who has tried them all and lost 4st ,14yrs ago with WW, stuggled with slimming world, gained 7lbs in 2 weeks with atkins!!!(not a great fan of meat and lived on cheese and cream????!!!!????) and then sucessfully lost 5 st with LL, i am looking to lose another stone and really want to do it with food, so if i get my act together and stop playing at it, i could have it off (ooer!!) before christmas???

I am going to give today a good go and take each day at a time, will report back and let you know how i get on.!!
Going to have porridge for breakfast, mmmm love it!!
Hi Mini

Thanks for your lovely message - really looking forward to some warmer weather and my much needed holiday (I work in a university and the last two weeks have been manic!!!!!).

Hi Lavender

Hope you do manage to have it off by xmas :p:p:p:p goodluck and stick to it - hopefully you should have some good results!

As for other diets... In the past I mainly tried to the senisble thing and lose weight through exercise and eating healthly... I've had some success but not as much as with this diet.

As I am naturally shy WW and SW seemed a bit too social for me. Their internet plans seemed too expensive and in all honesty weighing things, counting points and different coloured days seemed a bit much for my brain...

As for VLCDs - I did seriously consider these last year, but my boyfriend and close friends were against me doing this. And at the time I didn't know enough about them to defend them. I was looking for a quick fix and quite low at the time - in all honesty I doubt that I could have stuck with it...

This time its different. A couple of months ago my doctor made me feel like crap and ever since then something has changed in me - it was like the final straw.

I am perfectly okay with the weight coming off slowly - I can be at my target by the end of April and that doesn't seem such a horrendous amount of time to spend dieting. And because my energy levels are so much better than what they were - I want to keep this up!

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx