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Lost 5lb in 2 days - is this even possible?!

Your weight can flucutate throughout day. I weigh a good few pounds more at night than morning depending on what I have ate and how much water I have drunk etc.


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Unlikely I'm afraid. Different scales = different readings and as said your weight fluctuates by as much as 7 lbs from one day to the next and over the course of the day. A 5lb loss would require a calorie deficit of 7000 calories.

The moral is don't sneaky peek in between official weigh-ins.


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Unlikely I'm afraid. Different scales = different readings and as said your weight fluctuates by as much as 7 lbs from one day to the next and over the course of the day.

The moral is don't sneaky peek in between official weigh-ins.
Listen to Circes- it's true.

Hide your weighing scales. You don't need to weigh yourself every day. Your weight loss should be measured over the week not every day.
I have had a similair issue, I did lose 7.5 lb my first week, but last week i gained 1lb, i was really shocked as id stuck to the plan and sneakily weighed myself mid week and was convinced id lost weight, now im really stressed about my next weigh in and cant stop hopping on the scales ,needless to say they have been totally different every day :( , it seems my huge loss coud have been partly down to loss of water !
You have to be careful doing this. Take everyone's advice and don't weigh yourself at home. I had a sneaky peak before I set off to class on Tuesday and by the time I had got to class I'd actually put on weight, so its not reliable.
Just completing my second week tomorrow. Week 1 I lost 4 lbs and well chuffed with that. I weighed this morning (official weigh in tomorrow morning - online), and I have stayed the same.

Gutted. Although it is my * week, but that has never had an effect on me in the past. Obviously I'm not about to chuck it all in because I have not lost this week, but it is a bit disheartening.
it's perfectly do-able, but not "real" weight..
it might be that you were a bit "bunged up" but have sorted that now, or you drank more liquids the day you weighed in etc..
I see my weight everyday on my wii as i use it to exercise though i don't take much notice of it as its the weigh in on the thursday morning which is important. Though strangely enough the two are pretty close lol. Dont worry about what weight you are until WI time as thats when it counts. Weight fluctuates daily as said above
Thanks peeps, this makes me feel a bit better that others have fluctating weight too, i'll give the scales a miss and say a prayer before weigh in tues morning lol!
My weight goes up and down all week long. I think the best thing is that if you DO weigh in at home, dont get too hung up on the numbers.

The official weigh in is the real result.

Im not sure why people are dismissing this - how many of us have ever decided "Right, tomorrow is THE day!" and then promptly gone and used ourselves as a human dustbin to clear out all the "bad food" before starting? It wouldnt be unreasonable in those circumstances to have a starting weight that was actually heavier than what we really weigh, and accordingly lose a substantial amount as that passes through the system.

Also, the fact that the OP appears to be on their first week of SW where we often (not always, but often) see a substantial loss the first week because the body reacts to the change in diet by ridding itself of any excess water it is holding on to and starting to lose may be a contributing factor.

OP, I hope for your sake that your scales are telling the truth. Dont be disappointed if come WI day they are over-exaggerating a bit, but I honestly wouldnt be surprised if they were telling the truth either.

I do agree with the others that there is a danger in hopping on and off the scales due to the various fluctuations that our bodies go through and that you should use your official WI as your guide but then conversely, there is NOTHING stopping our bodies having a wee "fluctuate" before the official WI either, which is where I suspect some of the unexplained gains that we see come from.

Look at your progress overall month by month, and if at the end of one month, you are lighter than the start of it, then you are doing things right :)
Well I rejoined last Wednesday again!!!! I got weighed this morning I know I shouldn't but it's a habit of a lifetime and I have lost 7lb so far. I know it's mainly fluid but in the grand scheme of things I'm telling myself that's half a stone nearer to target. I've been ultra good and the biggest thing for me is I've stopped drinking wine which I'm sure has helped as I used to have the I've started now I'll just have to finish the bottle mentality!:eek:

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