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lost all focus

hiya i find that i lose motivation when i feel like being lazy on a hot day! lol but i just tell myself "you cant look good in hot weather if u eat crap" and it seems to work for me lol as i wouldnt go out in shorts and vest top if i had eaten crap and put weight on, whereas if im eating healthily then i have the body confidence to do it! so basically tell myself if im gonna munch away then im not gonna enjoy the summer! lol hope it helps xxxx
I know it's really hard. My problems are nice cold White wines and ice creams!

I keep telling myself though that in three months time when all of the summer clothes are on sale and it's hot hot hot, I can go out- buy an amazing bikini and go and sunbathe in the park or on the beach and be stared at for the right reasons.

Plus you will feel amazing even losing a few pounds- adding to that body confidence! You know it's worth it!! Xx


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These are great points Im going to avoid the wine for next couple of weeks or have it with diet lemonade make it last longer lol also going to get some speed foods in xx
glad we have helped! good luck hunni xxxx
I was like this last week. Gave myself a talking to at the weekend & had a look through my wardrobe @ my lovely summer clothes (that don't currently fit!) to inspire me to shift the pounds.
Find something to aim for & you know you can do it.
Good luck!
Thanks its weigh in tonight know its going to be bad but going to focus for a good loss next week xxx
thats the way to look at it :) hope u had a good weigh in im sure it wasnt as bad as you thought! xxx


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After weigh in going to draw a line under my bad few weeks answer start as if it is my first week going to read through all my books and plan everything i eat xx
sounds good, ive just planned my meals till next tuesday lol sad i know but then u know whats goin on lol xxx


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Hi i'm the same since easter we bought a BBQ at the weekend and i feel as though ive eaten so much free foods but a good dessert after a BBQ ive found are fruit kebabs with melted cooking choc drizzled over (if you get 75% cocoa cooking chocolate its not so nice unless melted so stops the sneaky picking)
yay!! well done hun, if thats what happens when your naughty, just imagine what will happen when your good! :) im getting weighed fri for the first time for 2 weeks, so hoping for a decent loss too :D xxxx
vixp said:
Im so focused now ive got speed food coming out of my ears lol xxx
That is great to hear! :-D xx

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