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Lost all motivation

I have been on Cambridge now for about 20 weeks and have lost 6 stone.
I have recently had the weekend off as my mum came to visit and it would be easier than trying to diet while we were out and about, I have gone back to my ss today but my heart doesnt seem to be in it like before, I came off ss at xmas too but was more than happy to go back to it, just doesnt seem the same this time...... Any advice? please
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Julie W

Full Member
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Is it possible that because you've lost a significant amount already that you might be doing a bit of self sabbotage i.e. moving your goal posts and telling yourself you've done so well that you don't need to do the rest?

It's true you have done really well and should be proud, but just think about how good you will feel on achieving your original goal.

You've done more than two thirds already, try to make all that hard work count by completing the rest.

Don't give up the race, just try walking for a little bit before you start running again. Talk it over with your CDC and perhaps try going up a couple of steps for 2-3 weeks and then gradually bring yourself back down to ss or ss+.

Hope it all works out for you and that someone else gives you better advice than I can.
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You've done amazingly well so far - 6 stone that's great!! I know another 3 months seems like a lot, how about putting in a ss+ week after every month instead of every 3 and only doing ss to lose another 2 stone? That way you know you're only on ss for another 4 weeks, might help psychologically? Once you're down to only a stone or even a bit more if you're fed up to lose you can start working up the plans and you'll still lose weight on each step up.

A CDC will probably come with better advice but you should be so proud of yourself with what you've achieved. Don't give up now!


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Come one, we all need people like you on this forum showing the rest of us how its done, and you know you can because you have done it once before, finish what you started, you have done so well 6 stone the finish line is not far.
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I'm still gobsmacked at 6 stone in 20 weeks!!!! Well done kellibobz!!! Have you any before and after pics cos you're sure giving me inspiration! x


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Have to agree with the other posts.
I am on my 3rd attempt at CD, have been dieting on and off for 15 years steadily getting bigger and bigger.
You have done amazingly well - don't give up now - you are an inspiration to everyone, 20 weeks is great.
Maybe you need a bit of a break, but as a reformed failure expert don't leave it too long. Give your self a huge pat on the back and try and reaffirm what you have done in the last 20 weeks.
Do you really want to end up back where you started and waste all that good work?

You will if you give up on CD altogether, if you need a break have a chat with your CDC and build up to a proper maintenance phase before giving up altogether.


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As others have said, 6 stone is awesome!!! Well done. It can be really hard to get back on track after a break but you CAN do it... stay focused and don't let yourself get sidetracked now. You have come so far and are so close to your goal. You CAN get there!


Cambridge Consultant
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Wow... You have done so well!!!
You are a real inspiration 6 stone in 20 weeks is incredible..
There is light at the end of the tunnel and you have not got that far to get there.. Stay focused... & keep smiling as you have done so well !!
Hi kelliebobz i was reading this and you sound just like me lol! We have lost a similar amount of weight and i too can feel myself begining to wobble not so much 'cheating' but seeing what i can get away with at times ;-) I agree with the first post about self sabotage i think we get to a place where we are happier and more confident and suddenly feel like we can slack off a bit and it doesnt matter so much anymore but we both know that it does i have to reach goal for me that is the point of no return i know once im there it is then that ill draw the line under my past relationships with food and will be truely happy with myself and my body. Why dont we buddy up its good to have a support network and we can help eachother to our goal :)


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6 stone in 20wks flippin ek girl you go dont be giving up now complete your mission uve proved you can do it so keep goin gud luck.


Gone fishing
Wow, you've done brilliantly:clap:

I have gone back to my ss today but my heart doesnt seem to be in it like before,
This is really common if you don't review your goals.

Before you dieted, your main source of motivation came from the fact that you disliked how you looked or felt. You wanted to get away from that.

Hey! You've done it :clap: So what are you aiming for now? What do you want to move towards? You're away from what you tried to move away from, but you now need something to head towards.

Maybe you could write a list. Put it on a piece of card and keep it in your pocket. Read regularly ;)
just want to say thank you to you all, i have stuck to it as i am too stubborn to stop but at the same time ive had enough, my other half is behind me and keeps telling me its not that far off.
You have managed to spur me on, thank you.
barnsie we can buddy up if you like sure.
Thanx again to you all, ill keep going, might try going up a step for a week and see how i get on

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