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Lost and in need of a helping hand!!!

Hi guys, I'm new to this so please be gentle :). I've been doing the Cambridge diet on and off for a few days but have yet to stick to it continuously. I find it really difficult to stick to while am at work as get really tired and can't concentrate, although I know this will pass after a few days. Do you think I should wait a few weeks until I can book a holiday for a week to start or shall I do it this weekend? Really want to know how long will take before start to feel ok again as think will lose friends if am in public for any of the difficult first few days!! :eek:
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It's up to you when you do it Sarah but it is all in the mindset. Nobody will lie and say the first 3-4 days are easy but keeping focused is sooooo important. If you're serious about doing it just get on and do it.


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why dont you try ss+ and have your meal at work just for a few weeks then when your ready ss,

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I wouldn't take time off to start CD because then all you think about is CD. You're better to do it while you're busy. I kept myself so busy in week 1 and it really helped. Have you got a shaker for your shakes at work? Try and stick it out because after 2 weeks you can get the bars which are so easy to eat in public and no-one notices you're having anything different from them.

I'd also say when you feel like slipping of track to drink tea.....i have pepermint tea and it's kept me on the straight and narrow.

Good luck, it's of course just my opinion. I tried ss briefly last summer while I was on summer holidays (teacher) and it was awful purely due to me only focusing on the diet!!! It really didn't work for me.

Take care and let me know what you decide to do. only you know what's right xxx
Thanks for your advice guys, that really helps. Definitely see your point about keeping busy, makes sense to have something to distract myself. Am tempted to just start straight away but also want to make sure am in the right mindset before starting as it's soul destroying to start then fail again, although maybe it's just a case of giving myself a kick up the arse to make myself stick to it!:copon:

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Sarah....... think of it like this..........I am choosing to take this journey for myself, I don't HAVE to do it, I WANT to do it!

When you see the results you'll be flying xxx


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Sarah, sorry your struggling. I have just completed my first week and lost 13lbs now that is my incentive to carry on in week 2.
The first couple of days are very hard, no one is going to deny that, but once you are through them you feel much better in yourself, the headaches and feeling sick and irritable will go.
Maybe taking a soup to work for lunch wont too out of place.

Good luck in the choice that you make xxx