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lost in outer (fat) space

Well ive decided to start Exante total solution tomorrow (2nd Jan) after catching a glimpse of my refelction in the kitchen window - i immediately thought who the hell.... :cry: burst into tears :cry:and after calming down thought quite sadly - im in there somewhere :wave_cry:.... how did this happen?? well actually i know the answer to that and i have only myself to blame and have only myself to get myself back out of the now officially obese range i have entered. I am now spending the next few hours gearing myself up to get through the first week as i sit here in my lovely green velour loungewear as its the only thing i can fit in!!!! - I have hung a lovely pair of Miss Sixty jeans on the outside of my wardrobe (size 12) that i used to wear (and also refused to acknowledge that they no longer fitted even though im a size 18) in the hope of motivation to get back into them sometime in february/March. Nothing like optimism :D
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Hi Jue1966..............I used to have a brown velour tracksuit just like yours but it is now in some recycle bin somewhere. Your goals are perfectly reasonable if you stick with it. If you can get through the first week which can be really tricky then it is so much easier after that. Good luck on your Exante journey and as the lbs melt away you will feel so much better about yourself xxxx
Thanks Bernice - i know that once i get through the first couple of weeks (hopefully) and i see results there will be no stopping me - plus it helps being on here and looking at members who have been there already like yourself- great weight loss by the way - it really does help looking at other peoples achievements.

Good luck! I have a pair of jeans that I can't fasten that I'm going to keep trying, just keep striving and you'll get there! I'm on day 2 haha, we'll manage :hug:
Thanks for the support - will certainly need it over the next couple of days. I have tried Exante before and buckled on day 4 so heres hoping to quick ketosis.
Good luck Jue, know exactly how you feel, I have loads of friends of who are all a size 10/12 and i am fed up of being the odd one out. I am always the one that goes shopping looking hopelessly at the clothes rails and feeing desperate when the largest size is a 14. I also have a goal, to fit into a Diana Von Furstenburg dress, in a size 10!!! Optimistic I know but I am going to do it, if it kills me!! Txx
Aww thank you all for yr messages and support - well today has gone really well however I think I'm mentally prepared this time plus done alot of scouting around minimins to find all the tips if getting thru first cpl days so today I waited til around 1ish before having a bar then a shake at tea and I've just had a choc shake to feed my choc craving - had lots of water a coke zero and two cups of knorr which helped loads - to be honest not really been hungry - let's hope the next cpl of days will be like that haha well I can dream! Downside is it usually takes me a good 5 days to hit ketosis and day 4 is my killer to get thru xx hope everbody else is having a good day x
Well done Jue, keep it up and it will be plain sailing!! Txx
Hey jue... Well done for today, I hope your next few days are just as easy. X
Thanks Joanne - Quick update as I cheekily had a weigh in and I've lost 5lb in one day yaaaayyyyy ok I know that's water but I dong care now the hard part is not weighing myself for the rest of the week! But what a mental boost :)
Yay well done!!! I had a cheeky look to and I'm 4 pounds down!!! Yahoo!
Well done teetiefunk - I've just had my first shake of the day as I nearly swiped a digestive biscuit out of my 4 yr olds mouth haha

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