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Lost my mojo


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I felt pretty much the same last week ...then I sat and thought how would I feel if it was summer now , and it hit me that at the min it's all to easy to hide under a cardigan or jumper !! Give it a few mths and the weathers gonna be too warm ( hopefully ) ! Think of those warms days and how much better you'd feel lighter !!!
One of my friends once told me if I felt like I wasn't feeling the urge to carry on , go into a shop ...pick a 1lb block of lard up
( same as what u lost) take it home open it and see all the fat ....and then choose were u wanna put it back on ur body ?? Gives u a reality check 4 sure ! U realise that a 1lb really is a good loss :)
Keep it up and think of the sun :))))


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Don't give up!Or you will be back where you atarted.We ALL feel like this or we have bad weeks sometimes.I am losing really slowly,but so what?I am eating healthily and feel better and think of the summer ahead and the next one.1lb a week loss is perfectly OK.If you consume just 500 calories less than usual each day,then that is 1lb a week.It will be SO worth it in the end and you will love yourself more each day.BE PATIENT and WORK HARD at it please.Throw away all the bad stuff in the house and if you have the munchies then better to have a day munching fruit than chocs!!You will get there.Go for a nice long walk in the fresh air and see the beauty of the spring and be happy with simple things and then refresh your mind.Don't slip into bad habits as they only make us feel worse and angry with ourselves.You are worth MORE than that!!
Come on girl!!
Don't let a bad few days undo the good you are doing!
Keep focused and read other peoples journey's.You are not alone and this site will give you oodles of support!
Carrie X


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Hiya for the past few weeks I have felt the same but I started to remind myself, why I started this journey in the first place and thought what would happen if I didnt stick to the plan? Once I refocused on my reasons, the thought of failing and feeling unhappy in a few months time spurred me on.

Just take one day at a time, focus on being on the plan all day, then do the same the next day. You will find weigh in comes around quickly and you are rewarded not only with a loss but being back on the plan

Good luck


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I think we all go through this to some extent! You are not alone mine was after I reached my first mini target it took me a while to get my head back on it but I am back now! I was bored of eating the same things and having to prepare everything! I found that looking on here for recipes and ideas really helped get me back on track! And 1lb is still a loss! How much have you lost so far? Xx


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I have felt like that for the over a month and now really regret it because i have nearly gained all my weight back. I feel quite upset because i didnt like my group, my parents werent supportive and also i was only lose small amounts but if i had carried on as i was i would have lost another stone by now. Just keep focused and think of how you would feel when you get to your target weight which is what i am doing now and have restarted sw x


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Yep, i've been feeling the same way over the last week - fortnight. Hence rubbish results on the scales.

I haven't been doing this for long, and I think to begin with it's so full-on and all consuming it's hard to keep that up.

I think having mini-targets (like the March or Easter challenges) helps to get some focus. I want to get to my March target so I'm going to start really concentrating and trying really hard to get that enthusiasm back.

And oh yes... spring is definitely on it's way (even tho its still freezing!!) and if that doesn't give you some incentive to being good and shifting the weight, nothing will.

I don't want another summer covering up. Imagine if we get a scorcher of a summer - we'll be passing out under layers - i'm not going to let that happen to me again.



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I'm having the same problems this week! Last week I had a day completely off plan (for DH's birthday) and really enjoyed it and have found it hard to get back into the diet mentality. I've also had a really bad IBS flare up which has meant I've had to be careful about what I eat so not always completely SW friendly and because of it I missed WI because I was so ill with it. I haven't eaten anything naughty this week YET but I'm constantly fighting the urge to just pig out and struggling to find my exercise mojo again. I know I'll get through it but it's so hard right now!


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suze1310 said:
I think we all go through this to some extent! You are not alone mine was after I reached my first mini target it took me a while to get my head back on it but I am back now! I was bored of eating the same things and having to prepare everything! I found that looking on here for recipes and ideas really helped get me back on track! And 1lb is still a loss! How much have you lost so far? Xx
I have just done exactly that. Reached my first mini Target of 1 stone and for the last 2 days have gone nuts. Have absolutely no idea why either. Here's hoping I get up tomorrow with a different head on! Still got a good few mini targets before I reach my goal.


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Can I just say thanks so much for everyone's replies above - I know I'm not the OP, but I have been feeling exactly the same as you this week. But thanks to the words of wisdom of you all I am now not going to get a second bag of crisps from the cupboard while my hubby is out and instead I am going to have the yummy ripe mango in my fruit bowl instead :)

Thank you x


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You just have to try and stay focused on your reasons for losing weight. There must be reasons why you reeeeally want to be slimmer...looks, health, confidence...etc. Try focusing on them, thinking about where you'd be now if you hadn't started at all.

I want to go on holiday with a friend of mine, can't wait to just park the child with my folks, jump on a train and go down south...feel independant and young and have some fun! That is keeping me focused because I really want to feel young and have some fun again.

I had my smallest loss so far last week and I was a bit pee'd off because I knew where I'd gone wrong and could have kicked myself. I've found that my routine is very important to me and a break in that throws me completely.

I was having "what's the point" thoughts for a couple of days and thoughts of thick buttered bread and lots of bags of my favourite crisps were creeping into my head. Then I stopped and thought about how crap I feel when I'm eating crap. Not only does my self esteem take a nose dive, I feel physically sluggish with no motivation to do anything. When I'm on plan I have more energy and a more positive outlook on things, which I'm really enjoying...just as much, if not a little more than the weight loss at the mo.

Don't give up, just think about your goals and what you've achieved so far and what you've got left to achieve, you can do it!!


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I could have written this - in fact I did in my diary this week. I've hit my first stone target and had a bad few days, especially as I knew I was going to have 24 hours off plan over the weekend while I was away. However I was given a kick up the backside on here by a couple of friends and feeling more positive. I've been naughty yesterday tea and today's breakfast and lunch (but that was always in the plan) but I'm drawing a line under it now

Previously I would have carried on eating badly til the end of the week, or even the end of the day but I've decided that if I want to get back on the wagon now's the time to do it so we'll be eating healthily for tea.

Good luck. You've got this far, a couple of days won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things as long as you get back on plan as soon as possible and remember why you started SW.
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Hey everyone,

I have been feeling exactly the same this last week I just can't get back into the swing on things.

So this is my line too


Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to remember the reasons I am doing this:

To buy some lovely clothes for Summer, including a skirt or two :)
To feel comfortable wearing short sleeve tops
To be able to buy clothes from any shop I like!

To name but a few!

Hope everyone else finds their mojo too, tomorrow is a new day!!

Claire xx

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