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Lost my ts mojo

I was doing so well to start with but I just seem to do it 100% anymore and I want my ts mojo back!
Last night I got all the way to about 8pm and then crumbled- I had cauli rice and chicken.
I want to stick to it I really do but then another part of me has really had enough.

I've only got 5 weeks from today to lose a stone. Ts is pretty much the only way I can achieve this yet I can't seem to get my head in the right place.

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Lisa I know Im on lipotrim but I just think stick to it
you are so close and hve been doing so well and you'll be
so glad x
I really do want to stick at it but I just can't get focused!

Ws is 3 packs and a meal isn't it? Would 2 packs, a meal and a multi bit be ok? That's 800 cals a day- quite a lot still?
Vit not bit. iPhone is so annoying!!

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
roughly works out that you have to drop 3500 calories a week to shed 1 lb of body fat .. so ermm.. i am terrible at maths but if you took on board 800 calories a day that is 5600 in total for seven days, a difference of 8400, (if you were on the average daily intake of 2000) so in a week it means in theory you should lose about ermm about 2 and a half pounds a week, so in 5 weeks 12 and a half pounds?

but that is all working on averages and our bodies react differently, not only to calorie intake, but fluid retention, our abilty to break down the food without bloating, our metabolisms etc etc :D

not taking into account calories burned in exercise etc
Wooo, too much maths for me :)

I've been having 2 packs and then cauli rice with chicken with a spoon of extra light soft cheese for the last 2 days and the weight seems to be coming off. I'm going to give it until Wednesday and then I'll either carry on like that or give ts another bash.

I'm in another 'thin' section of wardrobe outfit today. Very chavy but still - one of my juicy couture tracksuits. Whoop!

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