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Lost the plot !

After a fab Saturday last week and being brave/stupid I took the plunge and got my belly button pierced ( never been able to find it before now) So I was really pleased with myself.

Then from Monday I have been ill all week, very achey with a sore throat and have eaten carb loaded food.
So I have put on 1lb at my wi today.:eek::eek:

Need to get back to ss tomorrow so any kicks up the butt and a good talking to, would be most appreciated to get me back on track and thinking straight!!!!!!! :sigh:
Please help :)
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Loooooves MiniMins
Wow you've only got 13lbs to go! Thats ace, you go girl, get back into that ss and reach your goal in no time! Well done getting ur bb pierced, I've heard its sore!

Ness x
Just imagine something beautiful and sparkly in your new belly button on your perfectly flat tummy, not far too go - hang in there you can do it!!

Come on now Sarah. You tried to help me find my plot a couple of months ago so its only fair that I help you look for yours now.

Seriously though, look how well you have done so far and you have been ill this week so dont beat yourself up too badly ffs. You just need to make sure you get straight back on that wagon before your BMI slips back into obese and your belly button piercing disappears from sight! You are so close to goal now and you can do it by Christmas but only if you get back to it NOW.

Consider your ass well and truly kicked!!
Thanks guys,
Think I just needed to get it down on "paper" so to speak

Sam your doing well, thanks for the ass kicking.

Nessie, bb piercing is fab, didn`t hurt at all, I did feel well old getting it done though lol everyone else was about half my age.

Porgeous, lol guess what i`ll be getting for xmas, my brother says he`s getting me a playboy bunny bar ( omg ) does he think i`m 18 rofl
I`m a mature respectable woman dont you know.

I am back in the right place today so bring on ss:D
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Had a great day today,

3 litres of water down and 2 choc mint shakes :D

I can do this.

I love my belly piercing. Although its still not flat I don`t care ;)
When did you start dieting Sarah?
I had my belly button pierced at 15 - cant wait for it to look good again! xxx
Blue Grapefruit, I started end of June ish.
I occaisionally take the scenic route where I only lose 1lb for a few weeks and then have a 5 or 6lb loss.

But hey I have lost every week apart from 2 where I gained 1lb each time.

" Just keep swimming" thats what my little boy says lol
Finding Nemo makes a lot of sense Sarah - he's not wrong is he?

Well done i say!

Lurve Leah xx

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